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Nonprofit Organizations Want To Help The World

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The role of business in society has been one of the major topics of discussion over the past few decades. People often have a pre-conceived notion about business that their sole purpose is to generate profit, but there are non-profit organizations that are socially responsible and works for the betterment of the society. A business can be defined as a commercial activity performed by organizations while non-profit entities also engage in business activities for several social and economic causes. Businesses can range from individually owned companies, small/medium sized enterprises to multinational organizations (Investopedia, 2009). In hindsight to the early developments of business, a simultaneous progress is evident in the human society and civilization. During the early days, people engaged in exchange of goods and services between one another which is also called as the barter system. There is also plenty of evidence suggesting that trade was done among different ancient civilizations such as India, China and Egypt (Kumar, 2012). As a result, so many barriers between countries were eliminated and helped to create a strong business relationship between one another. Since then, business evolved into a much organized and advanced entity that has been influencing the society in a radical way. It is important to analyse the different aspects of business and its purpose in the society. Ethics in business, corporate social responsibility, impact of globalization in society and the overall objective of business in society will be discussed further in the essay.
Business ethics is one of the most important aspects of business. It consists of the moral/underlying principles of conduct that must be practiced by organizations as well as its members in a social environment. Ethical principles of an organization can determine its growth in different departments of business. Good ethics will help to create better business in any organization. There are many ways for an organization to succeed in their business; being ethically good is the simplest of all and it helps to enhance its public image, investments and partnerships. Every organization in the world has its own reputation; it can either be bad or good. It is very important to take into consideration, the different views and opinions of the public about an organization as it determines their business growth. A company’s wellbeing depends upon certain factors such as their environmental programmes, charity work, conduct towards employees and social commitment to the particular community where it is located (Vasquez, n.d.). Retail giants like Wal-Mart are infamous for their employee exploitation and they have an appalling image among the public. Despite having a terrible public image, Wal-Mart is still in the frontline of business only because they are well established now and often come up with offers which consumers cannot resist. Investment is another aspect of a...

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