Nonverbal Communication Communication Studies Research Paper

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Comm 1312: Writing and Research

Assignment 3: Literature Review

Nonverbal Communication

Communication is a huge need for people.People communicate with others to live, learn

and experience life. Communication is divided in to two sections verbal communication and

nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is based on using words and sounds to

communicate. In the other hand nonverbal communication is sending visible massages without

sounds to people. The massages contain feelings and thoughts and people show them by their

postures or gestures.

This literature review will written with the questions theme. This paper will addressee the

meaning of nonverbal communication and what is it? and will focus on how much of

communication is nonverbal. The review will answer why do people use nonverbal

communication ? and then how can humans read nonverbal communication?.

What is nonverbal communication?

This book (A. Pease, & B. Pease,2004) says that ’’Most researchers now agree that words are

used for conveying information, while body language is used for negotiating’’.Non verbal

communication shows the condition of the mind. A hand movement could reveal the real feeling

or thoughts in the brain. For example a woman who is conscious of her belly fat may smooth her

dress down a lot.

Similarly in (T. Gamble,& M.Gamble,2013) says nonverbal communication ‘‘it is an

actions humans do including their appearance,use of objects,sound,time,smell and space ’’.

Nonverbal communication reveals a person state of mind and the real feeling without being

aware or having a conscious control over it such as facial expressions, eye movement, gestures.

By non verbal communication people can change the meaning or the understanding of the verbal

massages. For example winking at the end of the words .

The same in (Butland,2012) ‘‘nonverbal communication is a complex system of

behaviors and meanings’’. Also nonverbal communication is any communication without the use

of words spoken or written. Nonverbal communication is the way people move , the tone of their

voice, the eye movement, the space between people and the way they dress.

How much of communication is nonverbal?

According to (A. Pease, & B. Pease,2004) book they talk about nonverbal

communication and how much is it from communication in general. A body language researcher

Albert Mehrabian in the 1950s found out that people use vocal massages 38% in the same time

they use 55% nonverbal. Like Mehrabian found out in 1970s-1980s that in a conversation face to

face less than 35% is verbal and more than 65% is non verbal.

In the book (J. Navarro, &M. Kartins, 2008) they say non verbal communication is

approximately 60% to 65% of communication and it includes touching, posture,...

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