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Fresh noodles are an extruded product manufactured from foodstuff flour and maida. They’re long thread like of 0.22 to 0.4 millimeter thickness. This is often a eatable food item underneath instant food products and extremely well-liked now-a-days as food.
It’s one in every of the foremost conventional foods accessible within the market. In American English, the word "Noodle" is used for flour paste merchandise in numerous shapes. Noodles with stewed rice are
the staple food of the many countries. Since noodles are continuously within the variety of long strands, they're symbolic of longevity and are continuously gift in Chinese birthday parties. There are alternative ways of intense them additionally as completely different recipes available at completely different countries. Most of those noodles are consumed hot as in soup, like food plate or cooked with meat, shrimps and vegetables. There are many sorts of noodles that rely on the, product shapes, raw materials, process ways and the style of preparation & serving. However, they need been undergone changes driven by technical innovations and shopper demands.

The history of noodles may be copied back concerning 4000 years past & still an object of discussion whether or not the Chinese or the Italians initial made-up it. Completely different sorts of noodles may be found from North America to South America and from continent to as far because the Oceania. However, the foremost well-liked of them is that the RAMEN introduced by Momufuku Ando as chicken ramen in 1957.

The Silk Road, that complicated network of trade routes that connected East Asia to the
Mediterranean, from Rome and Syrian Arab Republic within the West to China within the East for concerning 2000 years was a passage for cultural exchange, art, science, technology, music, spices and foods.

Noodles may be made of several flours besides wheat, as well as rice, seaweed,
Buck wheat, soybeans and moong beans. Simple and quick to cook, noodles could also be the first “fast food.”

Often the name of a food in several languages is proof of cultural exchange, as well as names for noodles. The world marketplace for ramen noodles alone consistent with the International Ramen Manufacturer’s Association (IRMA) is value fifteen billion United States of America greenbacks (as of Nov 2001) or love forty eight billion servings with China because the biggest market value 16 billion servings/annum followed by country at 9billion servings & so Japan at 5.3 billion servings. Market is unceasingly increasing. Main reason for this is often the demographic changes which may be attributed to the very fact that the globe is obtaining smaller and smaller as a result of the nice development in transportation and telecommunication. Additional folks these days are exposed to the Asian culture either by about to Asian countries to conduct business or just for pleasure or it can even flow from to the immigration of Asians to the occident transferrable...

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