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Nora's Journey Essay

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In the novel Tirra Lirra by the River, the character of Nora Porteous experiences many emotions, and many causes for them. This is all part of the journey of her life, from a young child, growing up in Brisbane, to leaving her unwanting family and moving to Sydney, and finding there was much more to life than it seemed. She continued to London, where oppertunities seemed endless. In the end, however, she returned to her childhood home in Brisbane, where the story comes to a beginning, and a close. Many events took place in her lifetime, affecting her as a person, helping her to grow, to become the unique person she was, but some of these events had a greater impact than others.

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She instantly felt attracted to him, but it could not come to pass, as he left for India that night. Instead, she forced herself to marry Colin, a simple man that later proved her very wrong in her choices of men, in her desperate attempt to substitute for the missing John Porteous. The naivity of her life choices shone through once again in this act of emotion. The now twenty-five year old, first experiencing love, but not out of choice, and it would damage her impression of love forever. Unlike Colin, she was accepting of many different kinds of people, including homosexual Lewwie, and this, among other thigs, caused their inevitable divorce. Living with Una, Colin's mother, was no easy task either, as recorded from pages 43-62 of the novel. Una showed a strong disliking toward Nora from the beginning, and it only worsened with time. Nora developed a phobia of leaving the house, and only managed to overcome it to get a job after years locked up in the house. After only a couple of months of working, however, she was introduced to Pearl, the girl Colin wanted to marry. It came as a shock to Nora that Colin wanted a divorce, but not an unhappy one.

Three months after I had begun to earn money, Colin came home with a girl.
"This is Pearl," he said.
Pearl burst into tears and ran to the window and stood with her back to the room. I looked at...

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