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Nora's Steps To Becoming An Independent Woman

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Independence is an important trait sought from many. Influential groups within countries have waged wars in quest of their own independence. Women’s struggle for independent rights has been seen throughout all of history. However, with enough courage, an individual can fight for their own independence. This courage to fight for one’s own independence can be seen in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. In this play
Nora, the protagonist, constantly struggles to express herself and rebels against her husband in discreet ways. Although, these defiant actions at first make Nora appear immature and unintelligent, as the play progresses she develops into an independent woman. The decisions to commit ...view middle of the document...

Although, Nora does at times act as a child, her decision to forage her father’s name on the loan contract in order to fund the trip to save her husband’s life shows Nora’s initial step to becoming an independent woman.
Nora’s second step towards independence occurs when she decides to plead on Mr. Krogstad’s behalf. Nora is in fear of Torvald’s reaction to the secret revelation. However, this secret is the basis to Nora’s independence. Nora believes that if the secret is revealed then she will lose one of the only things that have actually brought her satisfaction. Nora is proud of the time and effort she has put into keeping the loan a secret. However, Nora is faced with the ultimatum to convince her husband to let Mr. Krogstad keep his job or be faced with the consequence of him finding out about the secret. As a result, Nora takes the decision to plead on Mr. Krogstad’s behalf. Nora’s effort is seen when she says, “Yes, dear you must do as I ask; you must let Krogstad keep his post in the bank.” (Ibsen act 2). Nora knows about Torvald’s dislike towards Mr. Krogstad, yet she still persists, and although she does not succeed, Nora does not go down without a fight. She tries to pick the lock on Torvald’s mailbox in order to obtain the letter Mr. Krogstad has written, which tells of Nora’s secret. Nora’s bravery in standing up for someone who she doesn’t even care for and trying her hardest to keep the secret from being revealed shows Nora’s second step towards becoming an independent woman.
Nora’s final step to reaching independent womanhood occurs when she decides to leave her family, city, and friends to figure her self out, mature, and make something of her. Torvald ultimately finds out...

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