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To defend against the security challenges of the 21st Century ...
Air and space weapons pose a potential
and growing threat to our continent.
NORAD has developed concepts to meet the security challenges of the 21st Century. Achieving these concepts will provide NORAD the capabilities required to protect our homelands against aerospace threats in 2010 and beyond.
PRECISION TRACKING is required to detect and track any air or space threat to North America from its origin -- in space, in the air, from land or sea -- because NORAD must know exactly where a threat is to precisely engage it.
PRECISION ENGAGEMENT provides NORAD the capability to precisely engage threats throughout the full range of our surveillance coverage to ensure off-shore threat engagement well before air and space weapons threaten Canadian or American citizens. This requires agile platforms with lethal munitions to enage targets more responsively and accurately from longer distances and precise, immediate operational assessments with the agility to re-engage if required. The system will include a flexible, near real-time targeting architecture, including space-based wide area surveillance, rapid identification, tracking, and near real-time sensor to shooter links.
INTEGRATED BATTLE MANAGEMENT A system of systems providing seamless battle management to fuse information from our NORAD regions and adjacent CINCs and Commanders. This allows NORAD to receive and give effective support to our forces during peacetime and wartime. Such interoperability will become more important as sea, land and air forces create a credible NORAD defensive shield over North America.
FOCUSED LOGISTICS is an agile and responsive logistics system in 2010 to support NORAD's missions. This sytstem fuses information, logistics and transportation technologies to support rapid crisis response by tracking and shifting assets to deliver tailored logistics packages and sustainment when and where they are needed.
INFORMATION SUPERIORITY and technological innovation are critical to providing NORAD with precision tracking, precision engagement, focused logistics and integrated battle management capabilities. Information superiority is the ability to collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information while exploiting or denying an adversary's ability to do the same, an ability that will revolutionize warfare. A system of systems linking networks of sensors, command and control, and shooters will allow NORAD to use "network centric warfare" to increase our joint/combined combat power. Timely, relevant information will provide highly accurate and near real-time shared battlespace awareness to create a seamless observe-orient-decide-act loop. Information superiority will substantially enhance NORAD's ability to defend our homelands in a very uncertain future.
Space is key to NORAD providing a credible defensive shield over North America. Space-based assets have many advantages over...

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