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Nordic Metal Age Essay

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The Norse “Metallic Ages,” so called because they date the time periods when the Norse people are recorded to have been working with metals such as copper, bronze, and iron. This Age also includes the Migration Period (the Age of Heroes), because it happened during the time of the Germanic Iron Age when there were great southerly migrations of the Nordic people.
The Norse Metallic Ages are:
The Nordic Bronze Age 1700 BC –500 BC.
The Pre-Roman Iron Age 500 BC – 1 AD.
The Roman Iron Age 1 AD - 400 AD.
The Germanic Iron Age 400 AD – 800 AD.
The Migration Period (“The Heroic Age") 400 - 800 AD.
The Nordic Bronze Age, also called the Northern Bronze Age, occurred approximately 1700 BC through 500 BC. The Scandinavian Norse joined the European Bronze Age relatively late and began from importing goods such as European bronze and gold items by means of trade. During this time many rock carvings depicting ships began showing up, along with the early burial custom of making monument “Stone Ship” burial mounds. These Stone Ships varied in size from small to huge and were generally around other burial grounds and religious ceremonial locations. It is believed that the building of these ships, along with equipping the bereaved with other items, would help them along in their journey to Hel.
Two Stone Ships (Burial Grounds).i
There wasn't a written language developed during this Age yet and most stone carvings depicted either ships or elk. The stones are dated in comparison with bronze axes and swords found from the same era.
Also marking the Nordic Bronze Age was the fact that there was a warmer climate in the region similar to that of Northern France today due to climate change that happened around 2700 BC. This allowed Norse communities to live closer together in denser populations as they experienced better farming conditions. Grapes were even grown in parts of Scandinavia during this time. During the end of the Norse Bronze Age, from around 850 BC through 650 BC, the climate changed again becoming colder and wetter which changed living conditions and Southerly migrations began.
The Norse then developed into what's called the Pre-Roman Iron Age that ranged from around the 500 BC through until the 1st century BC when they came into contact with the Romans. This time line is the earliest part of the Nordic Iron Age that occurred in Norse inhabited areas where a wealth of archeological artifacts have surfaced leading scholars to believe that Pre-Roman Iron Age Norse evolved without completely making a transition out of the Nordic Bronze age. Although the use of iron began to increase, bronze was still mostly used during this time. The Norse use of iron gradually increased with strong Celtic influences until greater contact with the Romans in the 1st century BC, when Nordic use of Iron became more influenced by Roman culture.
It was during this stage of the Nordic Pre-Iron age before 71 BC, when many Norse came down to unite with a Germanic...

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