Norm And Value In Two Different Cultures (Canada And Bangladesh)

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Each individual has certain underlying values that contribute to how they organize their ethical or ideological value system. It is related to a degree of behavioural freedom by human beings. They can guide a person on the basis of internally chosen options. Therefore, values imply the (conscious) prioritizing of different behavioural alternatives which are perceived to be possible for the individual. Values can apply to groups or individuals.I've seen that aspects of the Canadian and Bangladeshi culture differ. For instance in terms of time and time consciousness, the Canadian culture is linear and exact time consciousness and is a value that is placed on promptness (ie. Time=money). Whereas, in the Bangladeshi culture this value is more elastic and relative time consciousness and time is mostly spent on enjoyment of relationships with family and friends. For example, in my culture the focus is on extended family, loyalty and responsibility to family, and age given status and respect. The young are brought up to show great respect to their elders. It includes mom, dad, grandparents, brother, sister, relatives, and even friends. If a person does not show respect to their elders it is looked as being rude and very offensive and it might cause the person's family to be judged as being uncultured. Usually, the elderly (either the grandparents or eldest person in the family) is a person who major decisions (such as a marriage proposal for a certain family member) are finalized with. Everyone could discuss the matter amongst themselves and then must take their opinion to the eldest person and ask for its approval. In contrast, in the Canadian culture the focus is on nuclear family, responsibility for self, and value on youth. With the marriage example, in the Canadian culture it is not normally required to ask an elderly if a person wishes to date someone. It's more personal choice oriented and is not normally required practice to get the approval of grandparents - sometimes getting the approval of parents is enough. In addition, there are many elderly homes found in Canada whereas, it is not at apparent in Bangladesh. The people are more committed to their jobs in Canada that their elderly parents would need to stay home alone. Therefore, it is sometimes required that they attend elderly residences and live amongst other elderly people. And at least every holiday, they would be visited by their children and/or grandchildren. Whereas, in the Bangladeshi culture they normally live with their children in homes that accommodate many family members. Therefore, the elderly have more interaction...

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