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Normal Sized Models In Clothing Companies

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The Spring vacation was just ahead. For my upcoming vacation, I opened my laptop and searched several online shopping websites for spring clothes. This dress looked good, that top was cute, too. Like all the other girls, I could not make decision, and was mainly because of the models. As a normal size girl who is fatter than models, I was unable to imagine how those clothes looked like on me even though they looked pretty good on those skinny models. Since those models were so thin, whatever they wear, the clothes look attractive. My friend once joked that if you put a model in an uncut linen with a belt on their waist, then take some professional magazine pictures and put online, will boost a new fashion trade among girls. The attractive effect from skinny models is the main reason of cloth companies who preferring to use them in their websites. Is the skinny models really bring cloth companies better income? I doubted it and made some research. My research will update those fashion company’s mind that compare to skinny models, fatter models who looks more like the customers will actually bring more financial benefits. It is time for cloth companies to change their models in their ads, because ultra-thin model is hurting their business.

Even though a lot of people blame cloth companies for over use of skinny models and provide various reasonable evidences. For example, they gave numerous researches about how too-thin models will increase the anorexia rate. But most of the fashion brands have not make any change on their models. They believed that “In essence, women expect to see beautiful women in ads, even if it makes them feel worse about themselves,” says Jeremy Kees, a business professor at Villanova University in Pennsylvania. They know maybe there are some consequences of using underweight models for public, but since it will help their business, they will keep doing this. However, the research said it is wrong. Ben Barry, a modeling agent, “found that women were more apt to buy a pricy dress if it was modeled on a figure that resembled their own and not a super-thin “aspirational” body. In his study of 2,500 women of all ages and sizes in Elle Canada, he pointed out that more women were willing to shell out money for a Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress after seeing how great it looked on a woman whose figure resembled her own.” The old marketing belief that skinny models in ads will stimulate consumption by lower women’s self-confidence of their body image has been outdated. Now people want to see how the clothes flatter their shape. If the fashion brands persistently use one size models in their ads, they are pushing their customers away and losing their markets.

I want to alarm that cloth companies are doing opposite to their customers’ need. They are increasing the gap between model’s size and customer’s size. Base on studies from the National Center for Health Statistics, “The average American woman's...

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