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In central and southern Mexico, there are fundamental characteristic that deserve emphasis at the outset. The size and distribution of Indian peoples before the arrival of Europeans had a huge effect on the development of Mexico. The differences in the historical development of central and southern Mexico and the rest of North America derive in large part from the dense concentration of Indian peoples in the highland valleys of Mexico. The Spaniards had a huge role in the changing of the native peoples if Mexico not only politically and culturally as well. The timing of the colonization was also a huge fundamental influence on its development. Spain introduced their most important legacy to Mexico, the Reconquista. This was an 800 year long process of “reconquering” the Iberian Peninsula from Muslim control. This helped define the social and economic patterns that were introduced to Mexico. Along with the reconquering, Spain was full of a renaissance drive for knowledge, wealth and power. They attempted to recreate as accurately as possible the life of the medieval lord with his titles and power based ownership of large landed estates and control over subordinate and retainers. This was only made possible through the large population of Indians living in the area. They were the ones who did the heavy lifting and built the new society so that the Spaniards could accomplish their objectives. Unlike the central and southern Mexico, the northern section had a smaller Indian population, harsh climate and wide-open spaces helped develop a completely different culture. This section was a land of opportunity during much of its history.
Canada was in a different position when it came to the development. The French created a seigneurial system that was similar to that of the feudal past that had their settlers pay their lords rents and dues. The funny thing about this situation is the system worked in favor of the settlers and not the lords because they were usually modest. The system was further weakened because they allowed settlers to leave their land and pursue a career in the fur trade. Another thing important to Canada’s foundation was the fact that race had little to do with genetic characteristics or physical difference. It actually emphasized the cultural and historical differences between English and French settlers. There was many speeches were given about the superiority of Anglo-Saxon political and economic institutions and the inferiority of French-Canadian ones. Which in turn the French Canadians rebutted, expressing they were the superior ones.
In the United States race and racism have a huge role in the development of the United...

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