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North America Causes Poverty In The Third World

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After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that ‘we’ are all horribly selfish. Not intentionally of course. It just sort of happened you know, snuck into our lives when we weren’t looking. By ‘we,’ I mean much of the population in the Northern Hemisphere.

Yes, we’re gorgers, gluttons, plump little people living luxurious lives at the expense of those skinny folks in the Third World. “Luxurious!?” you cry in objection. “But of course,” I cry back comparing our living space to the nice patch of dirt that many of our starving buddies occupy.

Indeed, we suck the lives out of 80 percent of the world’s population and smile gleefully as we sip our latte’s with the remaining 20 percent, either calmly ignoring or just plain oblivious to the fact that we are exploiting the lives of millions of people so we can live the top notch lives we so deserve.

Angry yet? Yeah, I understand. We work hard, we go to school, we get jobs, we live our lives, and now we’re being told that simply living the way we do is, well, criminal. That really sucks, huh? It’s not like we wake up each morning with this plan, this ultimate goal, “Hey, I’m going to vacuum up the lives our Third World pals so I can live the coolest life ever!” Oh no, we really are nice people – but selfishness works in sneaky ways.

It’s the very governments that we stand for, that we support each and every day of our lives that have contributed vastly to the unending problem of world hunger. Of course, we as Canadians pride ourselves as people who support foreign aid programs to help other countries, but what didn’t they tell us?

Picture this: it’s lunchtime and you’re really hungry, you’re craving those oil-soaked spring rolls in Spiegel Hall, but you’re broke. You turn to your friend who happens to be loaded and say, “Hey, can I borrow two bucks?” Your friend smiles and whips out his/her calculator. After a few minutes, he/she forks over a toonie and says, “Keep in mind, interest rates do rise.”

You stop, and think: should I take it? Will I be able to pay this rich kid back? Then, your stomach growls, and you keel over on the floor in utter hunger. Needless to say, you take the money and buy yourself two hot spring rolls – yum. Two weeks later, you get your paycheck and after paying for necessities, you’re happy to see that you can pay your ‘friend’ back. You flip the rich kid your toonie and flash him/her a smile. But, uh oh, they’re not smiling back. Again, there’s the calculator.

“Interest rates have risen dramatically. You owe me $10.00 now.”

Your dreams start to fade. You don’t have ten dollars, you have two dollars. But you agreed to this deal. You tell the rich kid you’ll give him his money as soon as you can. Two weeks later, you’ve saved up your cash, decided not to splurge on toilet paper and soap and you attempt to pay the rich kid back. Again, the calculator comes out.

“Interest rates have risen dramatically, you now owe me $40.00,” the rich kid...

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