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North Korea And Bosnia Herzegovina: A Comparison And Contrast Of Physical, Political And Cultural Geography

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North Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina are two countries who have many interesting features. They are similar yet different in many aspects of their physical, political, and cultural geography. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s and North Korea’s climate and natural environment are similar, even though they are around 5,000 miles apart. Both countries’ histories have been rocky, yet their history aided these countries in getting to where they are today.
Bosnia-Herzegovina’s climate is a mix of a continental, also known as temperate, and a Mediterranean climate. A continental climate is made up of warm, humid summers and snowy, cold winters. In a Mediterranean climate, the temperatures are more moderate with milder winters than a continental climate, and sunny, dry summers (Milivojevic 24-25). In the mountains, the winters are cold and the summers are mild and rainy; however, most of the country experiences mild winters and hot, dry summers (“Bosnia-Herzegovina” 4). Bosnia-Herzegovina has a differing climate in different areas.
Bosnia-Herzegovina has a mild climate. In the upper portion of Bosnia-Herzegovina, normally known as Bosnia, the climate is close to that of continental Europe. The average temperature in the area of Bosnia is about 32˚F in January and the average temperature in July is about 72˚F. It also has a lower average rainfall and snowfall in the winter than the Herzegovina area. The Herzegovina area, which is closer to the Mediterranean Sea, is normally warmer than the Bosnia area. The average temperature for January is 42˚F and the average temperature in July is 78˚F. Herzegovina has most of its rainfall from October to June (Englar, 13-14). Bosnia-Herzegovina has two main climate regions.
Bosnia-Herzegovina has many natural features. Mountains are one of the main features in Bosnia-Herzegovina. One of the largest mountain ranges that passes through Bosnia-Herzegovina is the Dinaric Alps that divide Bosnia-Herzegovina from Croatia. Bosnia-Herzegovina also has several water features. Bosnia-Herzegovina only has 12 miles of coastline along the Adriatic Sea, but the people there have taken advantage of it (Milivojevic 15-17). Many rivers also flow through Bosnia-Herzegovina. The most important river in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the Sava River which is used for shipping goods. Some other rivers are also the Una, Vrbus, Bosna, and Drina rivers which all empty into the Sava River. The Neretva River is the only natural pass through the Dinaric Alps into Bosnia. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s largest lake, Lake Jablanica, is also an artificial lake (Englar 11-13). Different natural features can be found in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
North Korea has a moderate climate. North Korea’s climate is like the climate of the upper Midwest of the United States which has cold winters that start in December and ends in March followed by hot, humid summers (Kummer 24). Some of the largest factors affecting North Korea’s climate are the seasonal winds and the monsoons. Typhoons, also...

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