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"North Korea, Another Country" By Bruce Cunnings

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This book is about the relationship between North Korea and USA. Bruce Cumings, the author is a professor of history at the University of Chicago. Throughout the entire book, he sounds as though he was a communist himself. Even though he asserted in the beginning that he has no sympathy or empathy, he tries to defend North Korea's position from all the accusations by contending that USA is responsible for almost everything. Cumings retells his experience of his trips to North Korea. He tells that north Koreans he met were warm, proud and dignified people and that these people have some kind of interaction and conduct and a sense of community that people from other third democratic nations(especially South Korea) do not have. Contrary to how North Korea is described in the media and by politicians, Cumings found North Korean very appealing to him. For example, many old ladies voluntarily clean the streets and hotels and a public restaurant do not allow people in unless the have some sort of a pass that shows that they had been to a public bathhouse the week before. Cumings treid to let the readers know about the accomplishment of this mental North Korean regime by saying that North Korean government had many accomplishments such as superior health and education benefits prior to the recent famine. Then, Cumings contends that many democratic nations, especially USA on the top, spread misconceptions of North Korea through media. He says North Korea is a misunderstood Land due to USA's mistake. He criticize that USA tries to intervene too much. He then criticizes Bush administration intensely and compares the relationship with North Korea to the one with Iraq. He asserts the Korean War was the war between Koreans, so called the civil war, not American War, thus USA should get their troops out of South Korea right away. He bravely asserts that USA's intervention in Korea divided the country that had been one for thousands of years into two, being enemy to each other and that he warns that Iraq will be divided into three or four separate countries in the long run unless Bush administration quit the war and get out there quickly as possible. The longevity and insolubility of the Korean conflict makes it the best example in the world to allow the world to see how easy it is to get into a war and how hard it is to get out. He talks about North Korean Leaders, Kim il Sung and his son Kim Jong il. Cumings asserts that these two communist leaders are not how they were described in the media. His asserts, to my great surprise, that Kim il sung was a leader who deeply cared about his people and Kim Jong il is not mentally dranged fanatic but rather is a leader whose personality is quiet and unsociable and watches American movies and play Super Mario games. It was amazing to me how he was trying to defend North Korea on every point of view; even these cruel leaders whom I believe are insane. Cumings also talks about the most important part of the book, the...

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