North Korea Has No Ambition For Nuclear Proliferation

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There has been an increase in the support of taking forceful actions towards North Korea which has seemed to be unpredictable in its steps and decision taken especially in terms of security. It has maintained its stand on the nuclear arsenal and other programs associated to it, creating a threat to the security of the whole region and the whole in general (Kim, 2002 pg.6). It has also refused to involve itself in any form of negotiation making the other nations abandon further negotiations and are determined to take some forceful action against it. I greatly disagree with the stand of forceful cause of action being taken against North Korea and the withdrawal of any further talks. The involvement of the North Korea in the nuclear plan and program will not be a threat to the other international nations. According to my argument I will be based on the support of North Korea’s nuclear proliferation and how it imposes no threat to the other nations by this. These nations that pushed for forceful actions taken against North Korea and abandonment of further negations and talks with it advocated for North Korea’s denuclearization.
It was the October 9 2006 North Korea’s nuclear test, actually the first, that triggered the various reactions and actions from the international nations. USA led these nations in trying to strongly control the North Korea nuclear program. This test has also forced them to scramble to find suitable solutions sanctions that suites them. This action by international nations creates room for discussions and various arguments as to why so many nations are after the denuclearization program and what their intentions might be especially when thought of from an economical point of view. Despite the actions of North Korea turning to be uncooperative with the international nations in the process of trying to contain its nuclear program, it has become more economically open in the process. It has emphasized in economic policies and relations which some of these nations that show more interest in the economic policies than political interests. This is a great indicator that North Korea given if not taken as a threat by these international can help improve their economic policy and activities from the interactions.
The economy of North Korea is well structured to favor their economic activities. There is existence of a monopoly system in such an economy that allows for strict scrutiny of economic policies applicable there. Therefore there is no way North Korea will be a treat to the rest of the international nations when it is allowed to carry on with nuclear programs. In the recent past North Korea has revealed its nuclear ambitions where it can be recognized as a nuclear weapons producing state. This can be linked to its gains into the economy. This emphasizes on the role of a larger trading market and investments. The outcome generated from the sale of these nuclear weapons can be reinvested back...

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