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Intro/AC:North Korea has failed to send a long range missile into space 2 weeks ago, but weapon experts say the testing firing succeeded in other important ways, "it made clear that Pyongyang still has a credible, advanced missile program and that it has the ability to seize Washington's attention at will." According to Richard Speier, a former missile technology expert in the Pentagon, North Korea has had shorter-range missiles for years that could reach South Korea and Japan, and it successfully tested several of those models, underscoring the threat it poses to its neighbors and the threat it poses as an arms merchant.Thesis statement: Japan and the United States must take initiative over this threat and force an economic sanction upon North Korea.I.First main point: Japan must force an economic sanction against North Korea, having United States as a backup to prevent innocent casualties.A.Subpoint: Presently, Japan is known to only hold 5% of the total foreign trade of North Korea. However from a college professor in Japan, Japan does not make up for much of North Korea's foreign trades, compared to trades with China and Korea, the trade balance with Japan is the only trade with a surplus. This means if Japan does hold an economic sanction towards North Korea, it would seriously damage their economy.B.Subpoint: Japan should first intimidate North Korea by publicly notifying them that if another missile was to be shot without approval, economic sanction will be held against them. Japan should remember to inform them that economic sanction towards North Korea will not be held to bully the country, but an action to protect innocent citizens of Japan and US.C.Subpoint: If North Korea does shoot another missile, the US army should take action.II.Second main point: Economic sanction is not a wise punishment against a country that suffers from extreme poverty. If economic sanction were to be held against North Korea, it would have to be logical with many steps and conditions.A.Subpoint: First, Japan should stop seafarers of North Korea from taking in used bicycles and metal scraps as their personal belongings into the country. Also...

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1026 words - 5 pages be change applied to North korea. But the first step to change, is realizing that there is a problem; in which North Korea has no intent of doing so Works Cited "Amnesty International Australia." Amnesty Australia. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Jan. 2014. Kim, Sam. "How Strong Is North Korea's Military? A LLook At The Country's Capabilities." Huffington Post 25 Apr. 2013: `1-3. Print. Murray. Problems Facing China During The Age Of Imperialism. N.p

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