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North Korean Diaspora Essay

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“Juche” Government

As countries in today’s world are becoming more globalized, one country, North Korea, has stayed and moved in the complete opposite direction since it was divided in 1948. North Korea, described by many as a totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship, but is officially deemed as a “socialist republic” state, is one of five remaining communist states and one of only two remaining countries that have an almost entirely government planned, state-owned economy.
For instance, “Economic plans in North Korea are drawn out, supervised and implemented under the unitary system centered around the State Planning Committee and passed down to the provincial, municipal and district levels to the factories and small businesses. Each region has a General Bureau of Provincial Industry to take care of all production, sales, and management of resources” (Joon).
The reason behind North Korea being one of the only governments that still have an entirely state-owned economy is because of the political ideology of a “Juche” government policy created by Kim II Sung, former prime minister, which the term “Juche” means “self reliance”. This means almost everything that they do is self relied upon. They produce their own crops, use their own natural resources, and etc. This type of isolationism has led North Koreas foreign policies to be minimal with other countries. In fact, the only strong relationships that North Korea has are with China and Russia, but more recently, it has only been with China. “China's share of North Korea's foreign trade rose to 73 percent in 2008, up from 33 percent in 2003. China also provides about half the aid received by the North, as well as vital energy supplies” (Richardson). However, North Korea’s foreign policies has led to more conflict than cooperation with other countries, such as, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, because of North Korea’s “nuclear weapon program” ( Even though North Korea has tried to cooperate with the US, Japan, and South Korea, these countries still seem to have more hostility towards North Korea than liking. Most recently, “North Korea has cut all ties with South Korea” (Thatcher).
In addition, to North Koreas’ “Juche” government policies, it has led many to see that they have a skeptical and SPG perspective on globalization. A skeptical perspective is when a nation does not believe in globalization and the interest is only on the state level and not national. In the SPG perspective from an economic standpoint, also known as “Marxian political economic perspectives, suggest that winners and losers under competitive capitalism reflect inherent biases within a free-market system-biases that clearly favor the owners of the means of production” (O’Brien and Leichenko 92). This can also be referred to as state capitalism. In North Korea, the owners are the single party government. Everything is state-owned. The people there all get paid minimal amounts...

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