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Northern Advantages Of The American Civil War

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Northern Advantages of the Civil War
Some people thought that the winner of the Civil War was determined by the side with the most guns, but the North's victory involved much more. The Civil War produced new technological advances and Lincoln used them to his advantage. One example is how he used trains and the telegraph to help him win the war. During the American Civil War the Union had a number of advantages against the South. Abraham took advantage of his knowledge of the railroad system to help him win the war. The invention of the telegraph allowed lincoln to communicate directly to the generals giving Lincon yet another advantage during the war. Also the size of the North's population instantly boosted the Norths odds of winning the war.
Abraham's connection to the railroad systems allowed his army a large advantage during the war. The amount of track in the North completely overpowered the Souths length of track. At the beginning of the war the North had already built about 22,000 miles of track while the South had only built about 9,000 miles. Not only did the North have more track but it had been more strategically placed, so this meant that most of the Northern railroads were connected with other track systems. This meant that if the South took out part of the Norths track the North could still quickly get to their destination. Lincoln also had private railroad companies allow him access to their track and to the trains they were manufacturing to help with the war. As a result of this Lincoln took control of railroad systems to help him win the war. Baldwin Locomotive Works also built 500 engines for Lincoln to use in the war. With the railroad Lincoln sent troops longer distances in a fraction of the time that it would take to march. The troops didn't have to march to their destination and the could easily transfer food and medical supplies without wasting time, supplies and energy. Instead of taking days to get troops and supplies to a camp or battle it would only take a couple hours. (Railroads and the Civil War)
The invention of the telegraph allowed lincoln to communicate directly to the generals giving Lincon yet another advantage during the war. In the beginning of the war the Lincoln did not have the telegraph making him and his generals have to rely on letters. (Telegraph Helped Lincoln In Civil War) This meant for a while lincoln did not have direct contact to any of his generals and he had to wait to to get information or know the results of a battle. (Allen .39) After almost a year of war telegraph lines started going up next to railroads and lincoln started setting up telegraph stations in the White House.(Abraham Lincoln and the telegraph) Eventually hot air balloons with telegraph lines attached to them started going airbound giving aerial information about battles and incoming troops. A giant stationary balloon floating in the sky full of flammable gas was very tempting and a seemingly easy...

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