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Waleed, AdilNorthern Cross Cultural Assignment 522nd November 20141- What is the significance of the Isenheim Altarpiece. Describe the exagerrated elements in this piece. What feeling do you experience when looking at the Altarpiece?The Isenheim Altarpiece "was designed to provide solace to the victims of disease and especially plague at the Hospital of Saint Anthony in Isenheim, near Colmar, France", but like many other of Grunewald's works, it is unclear if he or his pieces are distinctly Protestant or Catholic. This is significant because without siding with one division of Christianity, Grunewald still managed to remind its beholders of their kinship with the suffering Jesus. The exaggerated elements in this piece are focused on Jesus-his body is lengthened to stress the his weight as he hangs from the cross. This same element of stress is seen in the defined details of his bodily structure such as his veins, his ribcage, his dangling feet, and heavily resting head which displays the crown of thorns along with blood clotting/splatter to convey the torture Jesus endured. When looking at Altarpiece, I experience feelings of pity for the man, Jesus, who appears to be suffering deeply both physically, and very likely, emotionally as well as I imagine a crucifixion is extremely unbearable.2-How does the art of Bruegel differ from his Northern contemporaries like Grunewald and Bosch? (fig.19.14 and Fig. 19.15)Like his Northern contemporaries, Bruegel had traveled to Italy and studied Classical culture, but his style remained independent of Italian influence. Bruegel's works revolved around themes of involving human folly. In fact, some of Bruegel's best works were "inspired by biblical parables or local proverbs, popular expressions of universal truths concerning human...

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842 words - 3 pages before, the perception of time can be classified into monochronic and polychronic. Based on Richard R. Gesteland book, the patterns of cross-cultural business behavior can be categorized into deal-focus vs. relationship-focus, informal vs. formal cultures, rigid-time vs. fluid-time cultures, and emotionally expressive vs. emotionally reserved cultures. Those four categories need to be learned by business people to solve the cross-culture problem

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1633 words - 7 pages Northern Ireland has been, for as long as it has been a country, a deeply divided society. A society rife with ethno political conflict between the Nationalist Catholics (who want a united Ireland) and the Loyalist Protestants (who are loyal to “the crown” and thus wish to remain a part of the United Kingdom). This division cumulated in what is now known as “the Troubles”. This conflict has spanned over three decades, from (debatably) 1969 until

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2692 words - 11 pages The Main Features of The Good Friday Agreement A remarkable feature of Westminster's approach to the Northern Ireland 'Troubles' since 1969 has been the extent to which governments and oppositions down the years set party conflicts aside in searching for remedies and solutions. When Labour came to power in 1997, the outgoing Secretary of State, Sir Patrick Mayhew, was at pains to do all he could to help the

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3287 words - 13 pages objective, the Agreement has failed. The two communities in Northern Ireland are as polarised in the 1990s as they ever have been. However, in terms of co-operation between the Irish and British Governments in relation to security and legal affairs, cross-border co-operation, and political matters, the Agreement has had some success. The desire to head off the rise of Sinn Fein and isolate the Irish Republican Army also

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1655 words - 7 pages contrary. (Bonvillain, 1999) Haptics, which is mode of nonverbal communication, involves communication through touch. Cultural context plays an imperative role in deciphering the nonverbal communication message conveyed. It is noted that people of Mediterranean, Middle eastern and Latin American employ much social touching in the conversation than the people of the North America and Northern Europe imparts less social touching which is limited

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3972 words - 16 pages Belfast Agreement deals with three strands of relationship, namely within Northern Ireland, between Northern Ireland and Eire, and between the UK and Eire. As such it can be seen as a compromise on the part of nationalists, stopping short of a United Ireland, but gaining cross border links. The gains made by Unionists have been smaller, but to a great extent it was they who held all the cards in the first place. What they have gained is the

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1031 words - 4 pages of extreme political ideas, and terrorist groups dead set on their goals. In places they made mistakes, moving too quickly in the case of Sunningdale, and misjudging public opinion with the Anglo-Irish agreement, but they learned from these mistakes, and through their gradual withdrawal of control, they have ensured the security and stability of Northern Ireland. And whilst Ireland will always be turbulent, given the amount of violence it has seen, and the huge difference in cultural backgrounds, Britain has been extremely successful in the long run and has brought about a peaceful and safe Ireland for the future.


1620 words - 6 pages modified maize. This decision was shown disinterest by the farmers of Italy who do not want to grow the modified foods, due to their negative reception. Similarly the Italian people are reported to be unsatisfied with the quality of beef and poultry products (Harper & Henson 2001); especially after cases of mad-cow disease. When identifying the cultural influences of Italian cuisine, pivotal aspects can include religion, history, regional differences

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3863 words - 15 pages whereby the cultural aspects of the country of origin were obtained through reading various books and random interviews, the nature of questions asked on the interview are attached in the appendix, the cultural aspects are discussed as below:Country Structure: The United Kingdom is divided into four constituent parts, commonly referred to as the home nations such as England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, while Tanzania comprises Tanganyika

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2156 words - 9 pages , Article 8; · Cross Border Co-operation on Security, Economic, Social and Cultural Matters, Articles 9-10; · Arrangements for Review, Article 11; · Interparliamentary Relations, Article 12 and Final Clauses, Article 13. The most important aspect of the Agreement was the setting up of an Intergovernmental Conference led by both the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the Irish Foreign Minister. The

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1623 words - 6 pages cultures such as Northern Europe, touching is used only occasionally, which might include handshakes, shoulder touching or the occasional backslap. Whiles in Northern Asian cultures, social touching is seen as a disgrace, and is rarely used at all. These conflicting perspectives on haptics cause problems in cross-cultural context. One cannot go touching anyone, anywhere, at any time, at least not without causing insult and problems in a cross

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2523 words - 10 pages main catalyst for Tamil violence, in response to Sinhalese political acts designed to limit Tamil involvement in business, economics and higher education. Laws introduced to attack Tamil culture added to this fear, and a communal fear of ‘dying out’ thus became reason to fight for an independent nation. However, this was not the case in Northern Ireland: the conflict did not arise as a result of Protestants curbing cultural freedoms of Catholics