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Northern Ireland And Peace Process Essay

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Northern Ireland & Peace Process The origins of the Northern Ireland peace process can be traced back to the agreement generally known as the Anglo-Irish Agreement, which was signed in 1985 between the British and Irish governments. According to this agreement, the United Kingdom accepted the condition that the constitutional status of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom will not be changed without the approval of the majority of Irish citizens. It also recognized the fact that the Irish government will be awarded an active role in the issues and decision-makings related to Northern Ireland. However, it should be noted that the most important influence of this accord was observed in the form of the development of a stable and institutionalized mutual support between the two governments. This aspect is considered to be the most helpful factor in the achievement of a long-lasting settlement in Northern Ireland. One of the most important positive outcomes of this agreement was that it allowed the British as well as Irish administrations to at least develop some progressive and growth oriented policies for the Northern Irish region and its people. This is an important aspect that was ignored by both the governments for a considerable period of time. One of the issues of major focus between both the governments, during the peace process, has been that a mutual understanding should be reached between the two governments so that some level of political and constitutional developments should be made in the region and some political stability should be brought. This will not only help to reach to a peaceful solution to the issue but will discourage the violent elements of Northern Ireland to prolong further. In the coming years, the governments in Britain and in Northern Ireland took the initiative to promote political incorporation among the political parties of Northern Ireland. It was observed that Unionist strongly opposed the Anglo Irish Agreement and this opposition prevailed for a considerable period of time. For this very reason, the attempts to arrange talks between different constitutional political parties proved to be successful. Moreover, the government of Northern Ireland made some additional security measures in order to reduce the threat of any form of violence from the politically extreme groups. Formal talks were initiated in the early years of 1990s. However, these talks did not proved to be a success because of some conflicts of interest but they made a lasting impact on the future of Northern Ireland and influenced the peace process in the years to come. These talks helped the parties involved to recognize the fact that whatever agreement was to be formed as a result of these talks, it was needed to be comprehensive enough and should address the interests of both the parties and may serve as a basis for the formation of a long term relationship. As a result of this development, a new framework of peace talks emerged, which was...

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