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Company Introduction
Nortons Lanka Garments (PVT) Ltd
Nortons Lanka Garment (Pvt) ltd is a Subsidiary Company 100 present owned by Italian Company Nortons S.p.a. which was established in 1973 and other branches distributed to Several Countries that are Spain, Hong Kong and China.
The Srilankan Branch consisted by Sample Division and Factory and it was located as together at Gamsabha junction and later it was moved to Maharagama. then due to the lack of enough space facilities the Sample Division and Factory were moved separately to Nawinna And Padukka respectively.
This Company was engaged in kid wares items and their customers distributed to UK, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Portugal, Russia and Italy. Their designing and Production seasons categorized as Spring Summer (S/S) and Failing Winter (F/W)
Under the Nortons S.p.a. there are few Regular brand names such as UFFY, Mini UFFY, GDS, Goodies Girl and Special brand name is the Krytik. The Nortons Lanka Garment (PVT) Ltd is Designing and producing Under Brand name Krytik.

Italian Designing Team
The market surveys and ghost shopping are done for the purpose of decides and creates designing styles and colours for the upcoming season and sent them to samples division.

Nawinna Sample Division
After separated from the factory Sample division moved to Nawinna. This Division is developed designs which are created by Italy company designing & development team and creating samples according to their designs.
This Designs and samples are produced for one year ahead. As an example, for the 2014 demand they do plan and design in 2013
Nawinna Sample division is act as a Sample designing Room as well as a production line.
The major function of that division is madding photo type samples for each design, and then sends for the Italy designing team. After getting approval from them, samples are sending to their buyers to get their demands and recommend it for production.
Normally sample design process take about three months of each seasons and there are more about six months of yearly they are engaged with subcontract for Padukka Factory.
Section and Process of the Sample Division
Each Year are represented by a specific letter for purpose of identifying which is years of designing like as follows.
 Sprint summer (SS) - 2014 represent by “U”
 Falling winter (FW) – 2014 represent by “X”
For the Current year the samples are developed by under following categories
 Boys - UKR 6 year
- KNG 1 years
 Girls - GKR 6 years
- KNG 1 years
There are Eleven of Section in sample division.
1. Sample Merchandise Section
Here sample merchandise section is communicated with only Italy designing team. When beginning of each season sample merchandise section has received colour card and fabric book which has includes all the colours and fabric to be used in the season, for upcoming year and prepared Bin Card base on fabric book and fabric received from china.
This bin cards are...

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