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Norway Essay

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Norway otherwise known as "Northern Way" is made up of 4,419,955 people and has an 0.44%

Rate of growth. The birth rate is 12.9 births to every 1000 people. But just the same the death rate is 10.17 Deaths to every 1000 people. Net immigration rate is 1.64 migrants to every 1000 people. With that Norway occupies the western half of the Scandinavian Peninsula of Northern Europe. Norway has only land borders to the east , with Sweden , Finland , and the Soviet Union. The official language is Norwegian but with imigration there are many other languages spoken as in the US. Total land ocupancy of Norway is 324,220 sq km with 307,860 sq km being land.
Norways climate is temperate along the coast and cooler in the interior regions. The terrain is glaciated , mostly high plateaus and rugged mountain broken by fertile valleys , small , scattered plains and coastlines deeply indented by fjords. The highest point of Norway at 2472 m is Glittertind and the lowest at0 m is the Norwegian Sea.
     About two-thirds of Norway are mountainous and about 50000 small islands lying around its coast. Norway has always depended on its relations with foreign countries.
     Glaciation and many other forces in time have worn down the surface to create thick sandstone, conglomerate, and limestone deposits known as sparagmite, as well as other numerous extensive areas called peneplains whose relief has been largely eroded. Remains of the latter include the Hardanger Plateau, which is the largest mountain plateau covering 4600 square miles of southern Norway.
     The climate of Norway is an interesting one, it shares almost the same latitudes as Alaska but its climate is moderately warmer. Norway owes its much gentler weather to the gulf- stream. The Gulf Stream brings 40000 to 50000 tons of water per second into its seas, which surround Norway and contribute greatly to its climate. Even in the more arctic regions the Gulf Stream keeps the frigid waters from freezing. On the west- coast there is a separate climate which is unique from any other part of Norway. The separate climate is a very rainy one. All year round it is either raining or very moist.
     Norway mines only a few ores in quantity. Mainly they mine pyrites (yielding copper and sulfur) and iron ore and smaller amounts of lead and copper and zinc are mined as well.
     Probably one of its most important natural resource is its rivers. The rivers play such a vital role in producing electricity. The rivers have a host of different hydro plants on them. These hydro plants supply most of Norway’s electricity.
     Roughly one fourth of Norway’s imports are food and consumer goods. The rest consist of raw materials, fuels, and capital goods. The rate of reinvestment has been very high in Norway for a number of years. This is illustrated by the fast...

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