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Norway 2011 Attacks Essay

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On 22 July 2011, two successive terrorist attacks including a car bomb and and summer camp massacre attack Norway. This incident forever change the history of Norway which has always been considered as a safe and peaceful country. Surprisingly, all of these attacks are done by one man named Anders Behring Breivik, a right wing extremist. These attacks were fueled by Breivik’s disagreement with the government’s policy on Muslim immigrants. At the time Muslim population was about 3% of Norway population and has been increasing. The attacks reflect a controversial issue of multiculturalism in modern Norway
At 3:26 pm a bomb was exploded at the the the Government Quarter in Oslo. The bomb ...view middle of the document...

Some people tried to swim across the lake and and hide but a lot of them were eventually shot by him. In the aftermath, 69 people were killed and 110 people were injured
The motives for Breivik’s action was his strong objection to multiculturalism in Norway. He is considered a radical far right. The manifesto Breivik wrote shows that he has a strong hatred of islam and left wing politics. In the shooting in Utoya, Breivik repeatedly shouted:“You are going to die today, Marxists!”. Breivik believes that attacking the Labour party camp will put a fear on the left wing people who are most of the time not against immigrants and multiculturalism. His political beliefs were also the motives for his bombing in front of the prime minister office building. At the time, the prime minister of Norway was Jens Stoltenberg, who was a leader of the Labour Party in Norway. The incumbent Labour party is a centre-left party and has liberal immigrant policies. Breivik wanted to punish the party and start a “conservative” revolution....

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