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With every business decision, especially ones that lead to entry into a global economy one must consider the global implications associated with that venture. No matter what the proposed product is, it is advantageous to follow some basic business principles such as strategic planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. It is also necessary to know what factors will contribute to growth in sales, revenue, politics and economy.JABC has determined that we will be targeting ages 30-50 year old male and female outdoors sports people. The age structure of Norway states that 65.9% of the population are between 15-64 years of age.(World fact book) Norway is comprised of rugged mountains, topped by glaciers; its coastline is over 83,000 kilometers with steep sloped inlets known as fjords. (Wikipedia, 2006) Norway has many islands and islets and transportation by boat is common. This will enable our company to target extreme sports minded individuals that hike, boat and ski. The climate is generally a cold climate which has summers that the sun does not set and prolonged winters. The basic physical environment is rural countryside areas. Norway's physical environments along with the climate are factors that lend to the success of our products entry into this market. We are also targeting individuals with security and safety in mind. Not one company has incorporated the global tracking capability we include in our jacket. JABC prides itself with quality and being the first in the industry to market a jacket that is not only warm but functional. JABC is a US based company operating in China.The consumer sees our strength as dependability, a quick means of availability, and a way to save money. The internet has made it possible for customers to place orders in record times. The flip side to strengths would be the garment industry weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Every year, brings new fashion, updated clothing, and that new found fabric that is always being looked for that will turn the next generation of clothing into the next multimillion dollar maker. Threats are external factors, which may present a business or an industry with potential harm or failure. Some factors currently affecting our industry are the rising costs of materials, fuel, and aggressive competition.We are manufacturing a durable, no-nonsense jacket for rugged outdoor use that will also provide a welcome safety feature. Nothing in our garment is designed with any logo, print or other feature that will have the possibility of offending anyone. Our marketing department has done careful research with Norwegian cultural groups, particularly among the Sami and other minority groups, and found that nothing about our prototype jackets were offensive. We will continue to monitor as we bring out newer designs and improvements to be sure we do not cross any social/cultural barriers.With advance technology and ecommerce it often simplifies the entry of most companies into a global economy....

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