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Norwegian Bomb And Shooting Massacre Report

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On the 22nd of July 2011 Norway became under attack when a bomb exploded in Oslo, and a mass shooting occurred on the Island of Utoeya. These attacks were carried out by 33 year old Anders Breivik, who managed to kill 77 people before his eventual surrender and arrest. While analysing the coverage of this story I will be addressing what sources, and language were used, and how this affected audiences understanding of the event. I will be particularly focusing on ‘The Sun’ tabloid, and ‘The Guardian’ newspaper, which both featured the story front page on the 23rd of July. This essay will also be approaching why this story was so socially significant and why it received, and continues to receive so much coverage. I will be arguing that this story hold social significance internationally, and consequently false information was released from ‘The Sun’ newspaper, with no significant evidence.
On the 22nd of July at 15.26pm a car bomb exploded outside government buildings, and the prime minister’s office in Oslo city centre, killing 8 people and injuring many more. While chaos erupted in the city centre, Breivik travelled to the island of Utoeya, equipped with firearms, and a fake police uniform. While impersonating an officer, he gained access to the island, and gathered the campers before opening fire. After the first reports of the shootings, at 17:26pm, a specialist police SWAT team was despatched from Oslo to Utoeya at 17:40pm. However on arrival the police had to wait for a suitable boat to take them to the island, delaying police intervention. This allowed Breivik to shoot undisturbed for over an hour, before finally being arrested at 18.27pm, after surrendering to the police. The majority of Breivik’s victims were white, middle class teenagers attending a summer camp on the island, arranged by the countries Labour party. The age, occupation and ethnicity of the victims probably increased the amount of coverage the attacks received in the West, as unarmed children are ‘worthy’ victims. “Children and their mothers generally made for ideal victims…Black or Hispanic victims were often under presented in the news.” (Hanusch, F, 2010. P38.)
There are vast amounts of academic readings which broach the coverage of death, and why disaster and crime stories prove to be newsworthy. “Crime disrupt the social order by infringing the law” (Schelesinger, P and Tumber, P. 1994. P207). In the wake of the attacks there was international coverage, particularly in the West, and much speculation within articles about who may be responsible for the killings. Newspapers are vital in setting public opinions on events, and can also reinstate government and national agendas. On the 23rd of July 2011 ‘The Sun’ published the story front page under the headline “Al Qaeda massacre - Norway’s 9/11” and accompanied the heading with an image of a victim of the car bomb covered in blood. The Guardian also featured the story front page, although had the less controversial...

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