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Norwegian Culture Of The 21st Century

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The textbook for this class implies that no single definition of culture can be made without alienating specific aspects of certain cultures. That being said the authors of the textbook created the best definition they could without excluding any elements. “[Culture is] the thoughts, communications, actions, beliefs, values, and institutions of racial, ethnic, religious, or social groups” (Jarvis, 2012, p.14). This definition clearly states that there are many different cultures throughout our world based on different types of groups. Norway has its own culture. Norwegian men have their own culture. Norwegian men between the age of 18-22 have their own culture. The variety of sub-cultures within each culture is so vast that the best way to provide competent care is to have the knowledge and abilities that are applicable and modifiable for each sub-culture.
Literature Review
Norway is a Scandinavian land located Northern part of Western Europe. Sweden and Finland are the other two main countries that make up Scandinavia. Norway sits just west of Sweden and is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side. Due to this geographical layout, Norway has an overall warmer climate than most countries at that latitude. The warm sea air helps keep the temperature at a tolerable level throughout the year. During a previous interaction with U.L. I had asked him if he was enjoying our cold Grand Forks winter and he just shook his head and said, “It is cold in Norway during the winter, but this is way colder. It’s miserable here.”
According to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) (2014), Norway is estimated to have a population of 5,147,792 by July of 2014. This population places them at the 121st county out of the 240 listed for population size according to the latest estimates by the CIA. Despite being almost the exact middle, Norway has a higher gross domestic product per person in relation to its world population rank. This relatively median population size helps increase the gross domestic product to approximately $55,400 per person compared to $52,800 per person in the United States. Norway and the United States are ranked 10th and 13th in the world, respectively (CIA, 2014).
Religious practices. The religious practices of Norway are viewed with greater ambivalence than how most view religion in the United States. Gallup International conducted a study in 2005 that looked at how religious 65 different countries were. “Only 36 percent in Norway sees himself as religious. It is lowest in the West…” (Braanen, 2005). After looking further into the article that summarizes the poll, I found that 46 percent of those surveyed identified with neither religiousness or atheism. This is the insouciance that is shared by almost half of the Norwegian population according to this study. U.L. seemed to have a very similar stance on religion as most people in his homeland. When asked if his parents encouraged him to participate in religious or ethnic...

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