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Not A Minute Too Late Essay

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“What do you think your aspirations are, Amanda? From the other side of the dining room table, my mom glanced at me over her computer. “I want to help in every way I can, but you need to tell me where you are headed.” Praying for direction concerning my schedule and academics, I was nearing the end of high school. Planning my next step felt like attempting to design a travel route using a map written in an unknown language. Is college a proper fit? What subjects would I study? Should I look for employment? To occupy the upcoming summer, I had accepted a summer internship offer from a wildlife rehab center. Because this opportunity required twenty hours a week, the calendar demanded ...view middle of the document...

Anticipating my first job interview and its results proved to induce qualms. Since I had already written my resume for the wildlife internship, I focused on completing the application. Exhibiting my interest in the job, I worked with my mom to return the document the next business day. About two weeks later, I convened with the director and member services manager for an interview. Only after I left the meeting room did I perceive that my mouth felt clogged with cotton. Apprehensively awaiting a response, I was acutely aware of each phone chime until caller ID displayed the library's number. Merely hours after the interview, I had been hired as one of their clerks! The manager instructed me to complete government forms due the next day—my first day in the new position. Despite struggling with anxiety during the interview and proceeding wait, previous stress was eclipsed by the accomplishment of earning employment.
[3] Initially overwhelming, my job as a library clerk has also been rewarding. [2] On my first day, I disquietly waited in the lobby for the manager to commence training. My brain drowned in instructions on the library's software system, managing patron accounts, and basic protocol. [6] Substantial information required immediate absorption. Nevertheless, the library staff was benignantly forbearant and empathetic while...

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