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Not An Education Thing, It’s A Medical Thing, It’s Adhd

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The treatment of people with ADHD has varied over the years with what they can and cannot do. “ADHD stands for Attention-defiance hyperactivity disorder, it is a condition characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity” (NAMI). Usually, it is diagnosed in early childhood, but it is not limited to children, adults can also be diagnosed later in their years. The diagnose effects about 9% in children ages 9-17 and 2-4% adults. The symptoms are different for everyone, because there is such a wide range of diagnoses. ADHD itself cannot be determined by just one test, it takes a series of test. Symptoms include, difficult engaging is activities quietly, excessive talking, difficult times in paying attention and failure to pay attention to close details. Although it is hard for many to understand, ADHD is not an educational thing, it is a medical thing.
With ADHD being a medical disease mainly involving behavior, many people believe ADHD children, or adults cannot control themselves at all. Some parents think that they should have a strict upbringing when raising their child who has ADHD. They believe in the idea of strict rules, which helps them think that the child will not be as rebellious when they get older. In some cases, parents may have different views on if their child should take ADHD medicine in order to help them focus, which causes personal problems in the home. Because of this, not everyone with ADHD gets the medication they need, or the right discipline. While some people believe that it will help, there is no firm research that tells us that strict rules will help children with ADHD behave better.
Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer, who hated water when he was younger; started swimming when he was 7 thanks to his parents flipping him over and teaching him the backstroke. Once he began, it was hard to make him stop. Eventually his parents noticed that although he excelled in the pool, in class was not the same. When he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9, his mother was determined to prove everyone wrong about kids having ADHD and not being able to achieve big things. After becoming so into swimming, in sixth grade he told his mom he wanted to be taken off stimulant...

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