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Not Enough Time For Love Essay

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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare is a tragic story of two “star-crossed lovers” (prologue) fighting against time and their families for their love. This story is a prime example of what young couples should not do which is, fall in love to fast. Romeo and Juliet knew each other for less than a week when they fell in love and got married. Shakespeare used many instances of time and haste during this story. “The opening scene of the play establishes the pace at which tragic fate will unfold.” (Driver, 488). Romeo, who had just gotten dumped by Rosaline, was devastated. Then he met Juliet at a party and “No sooner does Romeo see Juliet than he falls in love with her.” (Shavi, 511). Later that evening Romeo met Juliet and she says she is in love with Romeo even though they know their families hate each other. “ Their love is instant and mutual and before dawn they are betrothed.” (Shavi, 510). Three instances of time in haste in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet are: how quickly Romeo and Juliet fall in love, how quickly the pair married, and how quickly they die for each other.
“Like all young people, Romeo and Juliet are uncertain and hasty in their first encounters with the problems of reality.” (Ribner, 474). Romeo and Juliet might have been in love, but they never had a chance to fully love one another, because they were together for only a short period of time. The only people that know about their love were the Nurse and Friar Lawrence. The nurse, who sided with Romeo and Juliet being together in the beginning, quickly changed her mind and told Juliet that she go

ahead and marry her parent’s choice for her, Paris. Juliet said “I will not marry yet, and when I do I swear it shall be Romeo, whom you know and hate, rather than Paris, these are news indeed” (3.5.126-128). The pair spent their time plotting their marriage behind their families back and planning on running away to be together. All was going well until Romeo gets banished and Juliet took matters into her own hands.
Juliet contacted Friar and the two came up with a plan where they would fake Juliet’s death and send her off to be with Romeo. The plan was going well except they forgot to tell Romeo what was going on. After Juliet “died” she was put into her tomb where later she would awake after the medicine wore off. Word had gotten back to Romeo about how Juliet had died and he was distraught. Romeo left Mantua and went to her grave because he had to see for himself that she had truly died. When he got there , the medicine Juliet had taken had worked really well and Romeo believed she was really dead. ”In the final phase of the play, speed takes over again and we rush to catastrophe.” (Driver, 488). He was so sad that he had lost her he killed...

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