Not Every Arab Man Is A Terrorist

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Ignorance about people on the other side of the world is infectious among humanity. Rather than educating themselves about the characteristics and cultures of the world, society relies on stereotypes. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a stereotype as an unfair “belief that all people or things with a particular characteristic are the same.” The entertainment industry significantly influences the minds of Americans to accept these misconceptions about other nationalities. These nasty generalizations are particularly dangerous and hurtful to Arabs. They are commonly represented as amoral terrorists (bombers), wealthy sheiks (billionaires), and sexy dancers (belly dancers). Arabs commonly refer to this by using the alliteration, “the three B syndrome.”
Through the endless news reports about violence, hijacking, and terrorism over the years, people from Arab countries have come to be America's cultural enemy. As a result, the entertainment industry releases movies and video games featuring Arab terrorist characters. In the 2008 blockbuster film Iron Man, the protagonist, Tony Stark (Iron Man) is the head weaponry manufacturer for the U.S. military. The climax of the movie begins when Stark is kidnapped by an Arab terrorist group “Ten Rings” and forced to make weapons for them. Through the use of violence, the anti-American terrorist group demands power and respect. In later scenes of the movie, Ten Rings is shown demolishing a peaceful village. Without looking to see who the occupants are, they throw grenades and aimlessly shoot at the homes of the village people. They also kill all men in sight and take the women and children as slaves. In Iron Man and movies similar, these negative stereotypes villainies the Arab man. This is extremely insulting to those of the Arab descent who value family, religion, and peacefulness as the core to life. Sadly, the entertainment industry glamorizes the idea of all Arabs being terrorists and Americans believe this lie.
Arab men in Western popular culture have also been pictured as wealthy and treacherous sheiks. The Arabic meaning of a sheik refers to men over forty who devote their lives to the study of Islam. Nonetheless, Western media has twisted this image. Movies popularized the term to refer to an Arab sheik as a dangerous romantic hero, reckless kidnapper, rapist, and rich billionaire. The...

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