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"Not Good Enough Intentions" Ways To Improve High School...Q: How Can Our School Improve And Make It Better For The Students? Note:You Must Change The Name Of School To Your Own

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Not Good Enough IntentionsThe faculty at South Tahoe High School has good intentions for the students they are preparing for graduation. Although they try hard to prepare students for the real world and make them better citizens through the process, it seems as if they have a sort of tunnel vision by expecting the same thing from every student. The faculty cannot relate to the students. Therefore, the list of expectations for the "ideal student" is wrong and unfair. South Tahoe High School does a good job preparing certain students for graduation, however, there is room for improvement in each of the six categories of expectations.Teachers rarely push their students to memorize vocabulary, use good grammar, or read. Vocabulary is key for students to know in college, for the SATs, and overall understanding of the world, other people, books, and other literature. Students memorize the vocabulary words because they are forced to, not because they want to, and they memorize the words temporarily in order to pass the next quiz. Students don't care if they know fancy words or have a large vocabulary because teachers don't make them care. It is important for students to know how to put sentences together in the correct form. Otherwise, they will be looked upon by others as unintelligent. Students should also read because they want to, not because they're forced to, which also makes a student smarter and more willing to learn.Teachers require outside reading, which allows students to choose the book in which they read, but when a teacher forces a book on a student, he resists. Teachers allow the student to make their own choice in which they choose what book they want to read, but still force the idea of reading a book on a student, which might make the student not want to read at all. Outside reading isn't like anything in the real world, so reading a book for credit doesn't help prepare us for anything realistic in our adulthood. Required reading isn't fair because some people, even as adults, only have signs on the side of the road or the back of a cereal box as their reading material, and many of us will end up like that when we grow up, unless we actually care about reading. The English Department needs to reevaluate their curriculum and realize that people hardly have to read in the real world. However, society could become more intelligent and actually care about books and literature if we cared about it as children, or even as teenagers. If teachers could make reading fun, or even somewhat interesting, kids would be more accepting of the fact that they must go home and read. Literacy is good if it can be fun, and we need it as a skill for adulthood. Not only do students need to be literate, but they also need to participate in school activities and get a job in order to be successful.Although there are many clubs at STHS, teachers and faculty rarely push their students to join any club, participate in any extracurricular or get a job. Students...

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