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'An Inspector Calls is full of lies and deceit.' How does Priestley expose weakness and wickedness, not only in the play but also in society?
‘An Inspector Calls’, is a play that was written by J.B Priestley back in 1945, post both WW1 and WW2. On the other hand, ‘An Inspector Calls’, is set pre WW1, meaning society would have been different as it was less affected by the troubles of war. Priestley’s political point of view is socialist as proven the fact that he was part of the socialist Common Wealth Party when polling in parliament and through this, ‘an inspector calls’, is supposed to portray a capitalist society and how J.B Priestley creates his own representation on the schematics of it. What Priestley believes is that there are rich people, the upper class, and poor people, the lower class, with a marginal line between the two. Priestley tries to portray weakness and wickedness in this society as he believes that capitalism causes a society to be separated into either the rich or the poor making half of them weaker than the other half. Priestley had served in the 10th Battalion of ‘The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment’ but was badly wounded when he had returned. His experiences in the war shows that he would have first-hand knowledge on how society has changed due to the wars. ‘An inspector calls’ is a clear representation on how life was before the war.
An inspector calls can be mainly seen as a moral play. This is because all the actions taking place within the play are there to be a lesson to the people who see this. This is because many of the things that happen within the play are bad examples, ways and forms of behaviour and perspectives within the play which may show how in many ways, all of the characters may show a flaw of behaviours.
Mr Birling is the fills out of the role of the main character and head of the family. He is first seen speaking in the first line in the play and the last line of the play. He is a very dominant character which shows due to him being the leader of the family. This is shown that back then, the husband has possession his wife which is shown as Mrs birling does not have much say to the family’s position and just follows what her husband says. She does have some say in the fact that she sometimes tells of other characters in the play. For example, she says,’ Arthur you’re not supposed to say such things’.
Mr Birling is quite boisterous...

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