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Not Just A Mom Essay

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All of my childhood friends saw their daddy as their hero and protector, but mine has always been my momma. My mom is a woman that I consider to be a hero in my life. She is the leader, the mediator, the detective, the handyman and much more. My mom has done many things to ensure that her children grow up to be people that she is comfortable with letting into society. My mom said,
Becoming a mom has impelled me to evaluate my life and set a plan in action to accept the challenge and own up to the responsibly of raising children into adults who are aware of self, well-rounded and productive citizens in society. It has definitely been a rewarding experience.
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As a person, she does not automatically trust everyone; she sits back and gets a general feel for a person’s disposition. Based off the feelings she gets she will either let that person in or take a step away.
There are many instances, where my mom has come to my rescue. One such time was once in elementary school while riding the bus, two kids threaten me and of course I was beyond distraught. I ran home and told my mom and she flew into supermom mode, dropping everything that she was doing and she and I headed back to the school. The ride seemed like an intimidating and never ending journey to an unknown. As we walked into the dark and cold principal’s office, my heart felt like it was going to jump clear out of my chest and onto her desk. My mom was calm, cool, and collected as she began to speak to the principal regarding troubles at hand. As she spoke, she placed her hand on my leg which was like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. My heart was put safely back into my chest and I was okay.
For the next week, I kept getting pulled out of class for endless interrogations, but my mom always remained calm while I told her about all of the times that I pulled out of class to be quested by different people. The final day, of the longest week of my life, the principal made me sign a detention form. I trembled, while a waterfall of tears poured down my cheeks, and fell to my desk as I slowly began to sign my name. As I finished the “s”, I dropped my head in confusion and disappointment; I had never had a detention before and I had not done anything to deserve a detention. Again, I went home to my mom to tell her about my disappointing event; she gave me a puzzled look and said something to the effect of “but you did nothing wrong”. Just like before, she took me on the never-ending journey to my school. I sat patiently outside the office as my mom walked in and began to speak with the principal about the undeserving detention. It turned out my bus driver told the principal that I hit the boys, which provoked their threats. She lied. My mom sternly demanded the principal apologize to me in front of the class just as she embarrassed me in front of the class. This story definitely shows my mom’s level-headedness, dedication, and respectfulness.
Another instance where my mom came to my rescue a while teaching me a valuable less of respectfully disagreeing with adults, is when my teacher suggested that I was not being truthful about my mom wanting to get me a tutor for math. I came home and told my mom what she had said about me not knowing anything about a tutor until I heard her speaking to someone else about needing a tutor. Again, my mom marched me right back to the school. This time however, she told the teacher, “Jada has something that she needs to say to you.” She stepped back and let me handle the situation myself. My mom said that she did not speak for me because I needed to express how the situation made me feel. At that point, I...

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