Not "Just Another Name" By Lifehouse

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“Yesterday, she was just a little girl pretending she was queen. She didn't know it would change her world, didn't know what this would mean. Which mask will you wear today? How about the one with the pretty smile? To you it's just another day in a life you haven't lived in quite a while. Everybody knows your name, but they don't know who you are. But to them it's just a game, and I think it's gone too far.” In these lyrics from Lifehouse’s “Just Another Name,” the viewers can easily see the heart of Lifehouse. From 1999 to now, Lifehouse has changed its band members, its genre, and its sound; however, Lifehouse has always stuck with meaningful lyrics, whether it be from fictional ...view middle of the document...

We felt like our sound needed to evolve and to change. This album was very in-the-moment, not premeditated, just a lot of waiting around for moments to happen on their own instead of forcing something and trying to manipulate it. It was very freeing" (Graff). The band not only had successful albums and singles but also tours and music videos. I’ve heard their songs played on hit movies and TV shows like Smallville and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few.
Lifehouse’s success can be ruled down to mostly one thing—style. Their style of music has been labeled every genre from pop to grunge to alternative to Christian. While the band labels themselves as American alternative rock, iTunes has many of their albums labeled under pop music. Usually, fans would label them the way that iTunes does; however, I would label them as alternative rock with a glimpse of Christian music.
Finally, Lifehouse can be rooted back to two styles of music: grunge and Christian. As we have learned, Lifehouse started off as a Christian band. Blyss was the mark of the beginning of Lifehouse. Even after the name change, some critics believe that some of their songs still could reference the Bible or God. For instance, the lyrics to “Everything” could be the perfect description of the relationship between a Christian and God. “You are the light that’s leading me to the place where I find peace, again.” These lyrics explain where the Bible references God is light in 1 John 1:5, and God transcends peace in Philippians 4:7. Christians believe that God is the light that leads them to exactly where they need to go, and they believe that God gives them peace in any situation that they have to go through. Next, the second style that music can be rooted back to is grunge. “Lifehouse created a sonic texture that drew heavily from the grunge movement” (Covach and Flory 526). The song “Hanging by a Moment” on the album No Name Face shows Lifehouse’s grunge style perfectly. There are clear similarities between Lifehouse and Nirvana. For instance, both the lead singer of Nirvana and Jason Wade have a smoky, low voice. The music in “Hanging by a Moment” and other Lifehouse songs shows signs of grunge with different guitar sound effects including fuzz, distortion, and feedback. It has a very raw sound...

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