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They are seen all over the high school grounds after school hours practicing, preparing, and competing. They are the many student-athletes of the world. There are almost seven million high school athletes in the United States according to Many athletes do whatever it takes to achieve what they set out to do: win. This is the cynosure for many athletes and why many they sacrifice multiple things such as time and education to get to that point. Athletics teaches students many valuable lessons that they may carry with them for the rest of their lives, but what is often overlooked are the downsides of sports. Although high school athletics present many benefits, they can also negatively affect students because of the controversies the athletes face.
Being in a sport involves someone giving his or her greatest effort. This can bring athletes rewards, but it can also put an athlete’s health at stake. Some of these injuries are temporary. In William Cottrell’s article “Sports Injuries and Arthritis,” he states, “Most sports injuries are mild and temporary…. Minor sprains and bruises or overuse injuries treated properly may be nuisances but do not necessarily cause any permanent problems.” Temporary injuries may heal anywhere from a week to several months. There are athletes who view injuries as foibles and who agree that being in a sport is worth all of the pain and injuries that they endure, but what many athletes do not take into consideration is how these injuries can manifest and effect them later in life, whether this be a few months or even a few decades down the road. Just as there are temporary injuries, there are also injuries which can be long-term or even permanent. In Cottrell’s article “Sports Injuries and Arthritis,” he also discusses how injuries can affect athletes later in life. He states:
The types of injuries that lead to arthritis include direct injury to the cartilage or injuries that alter joint mechanics, increasing the stress on the articular surface…. The more common way a sports injury leads to arthritis is when a ligament or supporting structure is damaged, causing abnormal mechanics in the joint. This greatly increases the stress on the articular surface, which over time, wears out and causes arthritis.
It is surprising how injuries from years ago can affect someone so dramatically by limiting their physical capabilities in the future. Although not all injuries are permanent, many young athletes must deal with the pain and inconvenience of them often more than once. According to the book Sports Injuries, “Every year in the United States about 2.5 million people between the ages of 5 and 24 are hospitalized because of sports injuries…. More than 3.5 million sports-related injuries to people under the age of 15 are reported every year.” Although there may be moments when an athlete is presented with different joys of being involved in sports, the injuries they weather can often be too much to make some of...

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