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The majority of sodas and juices are high in sugar; therefore the best solution for this obesity epidemic is adding an extra tax to high fructose beverages. Sugary drinks can lead to major diseases or health problems including heart diseases, diabetes or even premature death. Taxing sugary beverages would be the best solutions on preventing these health problems, since it would lower the percentage of people buying it. Many people are not rich, and barely have enough to eat and have the necessary stuff, so they couldn’t afford buying a sweet beverage. Americans don’t need sweet beverages to survive, they can live with water or less sweetened beverages.
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Overweight children will most likely become overweight adults if there is no action taken. Removing sugary beverages from school could reduce the percentage of overweight children, and would be a perfect start. “Beverages are the single largest contributor of excess sugary calories and the easiest to eliminate” (Clemmit 1017), and in fact could help a lot making huge differences in Americans. Many associations or pediatricians agree that higher taxes on sugary sodas should help the amount of Americans who are overweight or obese. Children or other adults drink sugary beverages for no reason. In fact if someone is thirsty, instead of drinking soda, which will live your mouth sugary and will cause more desire in drinking more of it, they could go grab a cold glass of water. It will satisfy you better. Some studies show that “a soda is any less filling than a calorie equivalent cookie” (Clemmit 801) so you would keep drinking sugar for nothing, because you are never going to get full only obese. Cities should start taxing sugary beverages to help Americans, because in reality they don’t need soda to feel full or to satisfy the thirstiness.
Research has proven that the American’s with the highest household income have the lowest obesity, and that Americans with the least income have the highest obesity rate. Americans who don’t get enough money will of course go for the cheapest, which are the sugars. In the other hand, if the government decides to put taxes on sugary beverages, they would have no choice than to buy simple healthy water, unless they want to go broke. Richer people won’t buy sugary drinks either, since their too busy working for money and they have no time to think about sugar. Many low income households have food-stamps, which is a good reason why soda or any other too high calorie beverage should be removed from food stamps. If they really desire sugary drinks they would have to spend their own money plus the extra taxes. Not only people who don’t have a high education get paid a small amount, but also overweight workers. They have a lot of desired for sugar, especially sugary drinks. The problem is that they don’t get...

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