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Tashi BrownENC1141 (181032)Poetry AnalysisNot So CoolWhen we turn on the news there is always a shooting or a killing in most cases it is our young men. They are fighting a war that they do not even know why it started. The people of America are becoming less emotionally to these deaths and I believe that is why Gwendolyn Brooks wrote this poem. In the poem, "We Real Cool" author Gwendolyn Brooks points this out in her poem. The message she was trying to get across is that if you do not play by the rules then your life will not be long.The poem "We Real Cool," starts by saying, "The Pool Players. Seven at The Golden Shovel." It is seven friend playing pool when they are suppose to be in school. They do not play by the rules and they believe that it is cool to be doing what they are doing. The seven boys/men think they are cool. They either skipped school or dropped out of school. They are out ...view middle of the document...

The emotion I feel that the character has are carelessness because they are doing things that they know are wrong, but they do not care because they feel that they are young and can do what they want. Another emotion that I feel is in the poem is being childlike because the in the poem it says, "We Thin gin," I think that they cannot handle the full force of the gin. They character probably feel helpless in their situation because they probably grew up around people like this and they do not know how to change the cycle.Some literary techniques that Brooks used were assonance in each two sentence they are the same. Brooks also used imagery in the beginning of the poem when she is putting our mind in the setting she says, "Seven at the Golden Shovel," as if she was saying they were digging their own graves with this lifestyle.Brooks style when writing was great because she only used eight lines for the whole poem. For the title, she purposely made sure that it was not correct to show how slang is affecting our language. Brooks also very passively only used seven "We" to represent the seven character she is writing about.When I first read the poem, my first reaction was she captured everything that is happening in the world today and in her time. I see this everyday in my life because people in my family see that selling drugs are the way out instead of education and school. Even when you look around at the school campus you can look at the people who are there for an education and the people who just are there to pass the time. I also felt a kind of responsible to make sure that I finish school because I want my future students to know that with an education you can be anything you want. This also brings back memories about when people say "the streets is all I know," or "if you live by the streets, you die by the streets." This is the world we live in and it is going to take thousands of people with the same mindset to change it. The poem that Gwendolyn Brooks wrote is still relevant today because many of our young black men are still dying today.

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