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Not The Average Woman: A Character Analysis

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Case StudyJessica Ashwell is an attractive 20-year-old who works full-time at a waitressing/bartending job at the Golden Greek Restaurant and bar. Jessica is also a full time liberal arts and sciences major at Quinnebaug Community College. Along with this she is also working to get an online degree in astrology. Amidst her busy schedule she manages to keep a boyfriend as well.Synopsis of TheoriesThe first theory that I am going to apply to Jessica's personality is the five-factor model. The commonly called "big five" theory is not completely sound; it is still being disputed as to what the actual five factors should be. For the purpose of this paper I am going to identify the five terms as extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and intellect. The first factor, extraversion, is most commonly linked to sociability, so the more extraverted one is the more outgoing they appear to be. Agreeableness has to do with how likeable a person is such as how friendly they are. Conscientiousness is a tricky term to define but I would describe it as a person's will and sense of responsibility. Neuroticism is a term that is connected with how anxious, nervous or emotional a person can be. The fifth term, intellect, can be used to portray how imaginative, creative, and open to experience a person is.The second theory that I will use to analyze Jessica's personality is Murray's need for affiliation. The need for affiliation is best described as "the motive to spend time with others" (Carver & Scheiner p.105). People who have a high need for affiliation tend to enjoy and spend a good deal of time participating in social activities. For example, someone with a strong affiliation motive would rather go to a party on a Saturday night than stay home and read a book.Character AnalysisBeginning with extraversion, I am going to apply the five-factor model to Jessica's personality in order to get an in-depth understanding of Jessica's intriguing personality. Jessica lives for social interaction. She will strike up a conversation about anything with anyone, even if it doesn't make any sense, because she loves to communicate. She is extremely energetic; she usually struts around with a permanent grin on her face talking to anyone that will listen. In addition, Jessica is also very spontaneous; I have seen her engage in an assortment of unpredictable activities such as suddenly taking off on a long road trip, doing a cartwheel in the middle of a road, dancing on a bar, flashing a cop, etc. One minute she will be talking to someone and the next she will break out into a song. Jessica is also very involved in astrology; she has done my tarot reading several times and it is amazing how she can elaborate on each card and apply it to my life so thoroughly. Even more amazing than that is she can make it believable at the same time. I always enjoy conversing with her because she listens just as well as she speaks.It is not difficult to get along with Jessica...

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