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Not The Beauty Expected, Nor The Beast Feared

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To think this all started with that fool stealing from me. To this day, I still believe he had no reason to take that flower, besides some ridiculous test of bravery. To think, a grown man engaging in such activities, ready to turn tail and flee like a dog the moment he had his trophy. He doesn't even know the significance of what he tried to take! Not that he'd understand if I even bothered to try and explain it to him. No, he just had to get all defensive, saying how it was just a flower. If he had just ran when I caught him, and I know he wanted to, then that would have been it. Though, I suppose if he had, I would never have met her.
He just wouldn't leave well enough alone, even after I tried the whole scaring shtick. I must have not been quite as bad as the rumors had prepared him for. Considering his expression, I imagine he expected some sort of horrible cross between Bigfoot and a werewolf. The fact that I wasn't as bad as the overblown drivel must have been the reason he managed to stand his ground. Now, while I may not be a cryptozoologist's dream, i'm still rather frightening. Claws, sharp teeth, that gaunt look that would make me a dream cast for any of those old-fashioned vampire movies, you name it. Though, I like to think the mad scientist look fits me better, given my frazzled hair and crazy eyes. No matter, the point is that I look absolutely nothing like the rumors out there, and never did a thing before to correct them. Given how they've kept me unbothered for so long, why would I? Besides, at least they were being creative, something lacking in so many people I've had the misfortune of bumping into.
Anyway, as that coward of a man stood in front of me, he had the nerve to tell me he could take the plants! That just because they were on my property, didn't mean it was such a big deal picking a little plant or two. I think the saying "seeing red" very aptly applied at that moment, as I struggled not to just deck him. I told him in no uncertain terms that he was to return the plant to me, as it was vital to my research, but this only seemed to embolden him further, and he just repeated himself. I suppose maybe I should have hit him. To be honest, it seemed like the only thing he would have understood, but I just got in his face instead, giving him my best snarl. Let me tell you, that never gets old.
It also got a reaction much closer to what I hoped for, and he very nearly dropped the flower right there as he tried to cower away from me. Every backwards step he took, however, I matched with a slow, deliberate step forward, just to up the scare factor.
"You realize that everything must balance out, in the end?" I growled in the lowest tone I could. "If you take that, you will have to pay." Now, I thought that was rather good. It had creepy and dark in good measure, and it was vague enough that his mind would draw all sorts of nasty conclusions; I hoped that'd make him want to leave it the hell alone, but of course...

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