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Not The Dumbest Generation After All

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Though some professors such as Emory University’s Mark Bauerlin may claim that those who currently are younger than thirty are the “dumbest generation,” they are clearly mistaken. In the very claim itself, Bauerlin utilizes poor grammar by using the phrasing “under” age thirty instead of “younger than.” Our knowledge bases have simply changed to include a different array of facts; instead of knowing who wrote the Messiah, we can fix any computer problem faster than most people in the older generation.
While some say the increased exposure to technology is hurting our intelligence, the rise in IQ scores begs to differ. Since the 1930s, IQ scores have been steadily rising in the United States and in every country internationally that chooses to test IQ. (Sharon Begley) New technology has given us more opportunities to find information quickly; instead of memorizing useless facts we can utilize the tools of the internet to save time and find them on a need-to-know basis. A 2008 study of digital media on young people done by Mizuko Ito Et Al showed that the younger generation constantly “adds new media skills to their repertoire.” We have more opportunities to learn about topics that we have a greater interest in. Whether it is something as seemingly mindless as updating the background section of your Facebook profile or researching the origin of the parakeet, everyone can find their niche in the world of internet research.
Though Bauerlin argues that our generation doesn’t know as much as those that came before us, research shows that presumptions regarding the knowledge of his generation and those before him may be flaud. In 1962, R. Smith Simpson interviewed candidates for the Foreign Service Journal. He found that “few could even place accurately the principal rivers” in the United States and “most could only guess at the population, labor force, and gross national product of their country.” He concluded that “a...

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