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Not To Be A Vegetarian Essay

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So it is time to be honest, eating meat is an objectively bad idea. It’s more expensive than vegetable, it is linked to cancer and causes devastating crises in the modern world. But as a matter of the fact that for all the rational arguments against it, some of us just can’t give up our habits. Please just imagine the picture of a juicy steak just begging to be eaten. Here I will provide you some reasons not be a vegetarian.
On logical grounds, there is no compelling reason to argue that our bodies are designed for meat. Thanks to the miracles of evolution, we as humans would survive with a meat-free diet. But that doesn’t mean we’re natural vegetarians. According to some scientific studies, our ancestors were eating meat up to millions years ago. In other words, that juicy steak isn’t some icon of modern world; it’s part of our traditional diet coming from millions years ago. Just think about it eve our teeth obviously designed to handle both meat and non-meat diets.
If we look at from different perspective, some researchers from Spain identified signs of malnutrition in a child’s skull dating from 1.5 million years ago, consistent with a meat-deficient diet. What’s interesting about this is it suggests we were so used to eating meat back then our brains couldn’t develop without it—a theory supported by other evidence that links primate brain complexity to the number of calories consumed per day.
One other argument often leads us for going vegetarian is that humans are the only creature to eat meat. It must be unnatural, isn't it. But guess what? It’s not just untrue; it’s about as scientific as punching biology in the face.
Back in 1960, it was observed that chimps hunting and eating other animals in the wild. In the years since, it’s been shown that certain chimp communities eat as much as one ton of meat annually. In other words, our evolutionary cousins love a good steak so much.
Vegetarians always keep saying eating meat is a...

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