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Not Turning Out
This article depicts a key element to low turnout statistics in general elections, referendums and by-elections; Young people are not turning out. The author expresses how voter apathy in under 25’s is increasingly common, pulling on the different aspects as to why there is such a lack of interest in voting. The author highlights how we as ‘millennials do not see voting as a duty and therefore do not feel morally obliged to do it’ unlike our parents, who saw it as their responsibility to cast their vote and have a say in the government that would be put in place for the next five years.
This general argument of young people, not going out and voting can be blamed at the loss of faith in politicians from students, as they feel like they are not being represented by politicians. As a whole, young people are less aware of politics everyday, as it is seen as an interest that only working people and parents or maturer adults should have. According to BBC news, Less than a third of young people express any interest in politics, according to an official survey. It found 31% of 16 to 24-year-olds were fairly or very interested in the subject, compared with about half of those aged 55 and over. The author states in the article that “youngsters are settling down later than their parents did” which to a certain extent does make sense as to why, there is so little voting coming from the youth. A study from the office of national statistics states that one in four young adults are still living at home, as millions of 20 to 34-year-olds can't afford to move out. These statistics concur with the argument that young people are not voting, as they are “settling down later than their parents did.” Another argument that supports young voters not turning out, is that many young voters do not believe that their votes will make a difference in elections. Simply carrying out the act of registering to vote, is causing young people to ‘not bother voting’ as they are unsure of how to apply. This could be amended by politicians, and or schools essentially explaining the different aspects to voting, moreover to how to register to vote.
However, voter turnout in young people may still be low, but in contrast to the 2013 general election; statistics of 41% of voters under 25 turning out, according to the financial times the 2017 general election has seen the highest turnout of voters, in the last 25 years. 64 percent of registered voters age 18-24 voted in the 2017 general election. This shows great improvement, highlighting that there may be an increase of an interest in politics, and a sense of importance being given to voters of younger ages. These higher statistics may be at a cause of Jeremy...

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