Not Worth The Price: Negative Effects Of The 2014 Winter Olympics In Russia

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Not Worth the Price
People all around the world watched the 2014 Winter Olympics, which were hosted by the Russian city of Sochi. At first glance, people may have thought that Russia did a great job with it all, making the city of Sochi "great," with new roads, bridges, hotels, ski resorts, and some of the world's best athletic facilities. Some may not realize some of the negative effects of these games; which were the most expensive Olympic Games in history. I’ve done a lot of research on the Sochi Olympics and have determined that the games were a waste of money and not worth the price.
Not only were these Olympics more expensive than any other Olympic games in history (by about 8 billion dollars), but it cost more than 44 billion dollars than the last Winter Olympic Games, which were held in Vancouver. The games ended up costing a whopping 51 billion dollars. 51 billion dollars is obviously a lot of money and over half of it will now have to be paid by the citizens of Russia via taxes. Some of the main reasons it cost so much are corruption involved with the government, the fact that Sochi wasn’t a logical place for the games, and the amount of construction needed to create a successful winter games.
Corruption had a huge effect on the price of these Olympics. Organized crime became a big deal in Russia when it was declared they would host the Olympics back in 2007. Real estate for the surrounding lands of Sochi became a big deal and the concern of who will build what also became important. A lot of underground/mafia groups tried to become in power in both of these projects, which lead to a mini mafia war between these groups. Many people were killed in this, including Aslan Usoyan, who was arguably one of the top mafia leaders in a very popular underground country. Before Aslan was killed, he went on to own much of the real estate that would eventually become the hotels and restaurants surrounding the main areas of the Sochi Olympics, as he also owned the construction companies that were initially hired to build much of the stadiums, hotels, etc. When Aslan was killed, many other top mafia leaders started to try and get their hands on the real estate and rights to build, so that they could get in on the big pay outs. As Russia is known to be corrupt, this is where many bribes were made. Out of the 51 billion, it is impossible to calculate how much money was used for bribing, cover-ups, shakedowns, etc. According to many official managers for the Olympics, no budgeting or book keeping was ever seen, so Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation and in charge of the Sochi Olympics, could have done anything with that 51 billion dollars, and that’s if the games actually even cost that much.
The underground corruption was not the only corruption going on. Corruption is easily visible from the top. According to Brett Forrest, a journalist who has traveled to Sochi and...

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