Not You Again Essay

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Small pants were leaving Louis’ lips, gasped out breaths and choked sobs as he curled his fingers around the duvet below him. His cock lay heavy and leaking and completely untouched against his stomach, red and swollen, surrounded by little purple bites that swirled and covered his stomach, Harry's teeth grazing lower and lower, leaving bruises on his hips and thighs and god.

He let out a low whine, squeezing his eyes shut and rutting up again. He thinks he's been laying here for eternity, feeling Harry's lips scrape all of his skin except his cock, at least with the exception of a few ghosted breaths and a cheek nuzzled against it as Harry left a rough and dark lovebite right beside it on the sensitive skin below his waistline. He knows it hasn't really been an eternity, more or less five minutes but still, five minutes. Louis should be fucking his throat by now.

Harry looks up at him with that look. That look that's telling him to beg for it, to beg and plead and absolutely scream for it but Louis will do no such thing. He may whine and huff but he wont beg for it. He is Louis Tomlinson, he doesn't beg for anything.

“Come on Harry, just suck me off already.” Louis let one of his hands tangle in Harry's curls, pulling his face closer to his swollen cock but Harry seals his lips in a tight, smug, smile. Louis wanted to scream. Fucking dick, why am I even in love with that stupid face and just touch me already god-damn it.

A hand grabbed Louis wrist, and then another hand grabbed his other wrist as Harry held them against his stomach. He gave a teasing smile to Louis who let out another whine, before nuzzling his nose against the base of his cock, trailing kisses over the underside before placing a gentle one on the swollen head. Louis let out a low sigh, urging for more, more, more.

But Harry's lips are gone and Louis wants to come so bad and he is pretty sure he is dying.

“Come on Lou, you know what to do.” Harry murmured against his stomach, biting gently at the skin until it was red and his even redder tongue was licking over the spot, adding to the countless lovebites that lay across his body.

Louis shook his head and let out a low breath of annoyance, that may have sounded somewhat like a breathless sigh. “Just- come one.”

Harry smirked, moving Louis hands so they were pinned above his head as he trailed kiss after kiss up his torso. He only stopped to appreciate each one of Louis erect nipples, lapping over them and sucking them into his mouth, listen to Louis’ breath hitch and feeling the way his hips rutted up, before he was continuing to trail over Louis body, right up to his ear where he breathed hotly. “Come on Lou, show me how bad you want it.”

Louis tries to sound sarcastic when he says, “I'm pretty sure leaking all over my stomach is showing I want it, Harold,” but it comes out more breathless and dazed.

“No, Lou, tell me.” Harry nipped at his earlobe, sending kisses down his jawline as Louis lay pliant and gone beneath...

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