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Notable Aspects Of The Crimean War

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Notable Aspects of the Crimean War
The Crimean war, not a war many from the United States have heard of. The Crimean war raged on for three years in Ukraine form 1853 and 1856. This was a war where modern day industrialism at the time, seemed to determine the victors. Weapon production was at an all-time high, which made sure all soldiers in Crimea had a rifle and a steady supply of ammunition. During this time, famous industrialist Henry Bessemer, creator of the Bessemer steel making process, invented a deadly steel artillery shell. This would eventually lead to steel weapons with rifled barrels, making war a much more precise affair. This was also a war which created unconventional allies. The French and the British had to forget about feuds of the past and join together to defend the Turks of the Ottoman Empire (Cavendish, 2004, p. 55). The Ottoman Empire was a self-established Islamic nation that made a home in central Europe. Russia, who was looking to expand their empire and reach, believed the Ottoman Empire was persecuting Orthodox Christians in religion (Cavendish, 2004, p. 55). For Russia the start of the Crimean war was an opportunity in disguise. Russia had no warm water navel ports at the time. The Crimean peninsula sat right in the middle of the blacks which would not freeze over in winter. The Russians wanted the port of Sevastopol. Ownership of this port would give them year round access to the open oceans. Some notable aspects of the Crimean war include it was the first industrial powered war, it helped to spawn great change in battlefield medicine, and it paved the way for the world’s first war correspondents.
Industrial Revolution
The Crimean war started in 1853 after the Turks declared war on Russian. Realizing the Russian force was much greater than their own, the Turks called out for allies. Two countries answered the call, France and Great Britain. The Napoleonic wars had just ended in 1815, so there was still some tension from past events between these two powers. Thousands of men enlisted from both countries eager to help their new friends, the Turks. A big problem could have been getting there; Crimea was three thousand miles away. However, the industrial revolution was on. Steam powered ships were becoming more common and were particularly useful for troop transportation. Without this technology, the allied forces may have not arrived in time. It also helped to ensure fresh supplies along the coastal garrisons. Railway systems were used as well, to keep the inland troops supplied. Teams of civilian engineers were brought in to help create the Grand Crimean Railroad. This railroad would give a much needed injection of supplies to troops on the front lines. Many allied troops died from the brutal Russian weather because the lack of winter apparel and food. This is why the railway system was almost immediately built that following spring.
The industrial innovations used first during the Crimean war, helped to change the...

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