Note Taking Style Analysis

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In preparing this portfolio I aim to experiment with a variety of note-taking styles and subsequently develop a more efficient approach which will make it easier for me to learn the information given to me from the topic or subject in question. I will show the various styles of taking notes I have tried-out and then comment on each one, attempting to present it as though it were for my personal use to.Standard Linear NotesAre notes, similar to standard writing which are written across the page. It is not, however, recommended to use full length words, but instead to use lots of space on the page with symbols, headings, bullet points and abbreviations that make sense to the note-taker .Linear Style Example 1:Lecture on Summary Writing, 27-9-06)Evaluation of the Linear Style ExamplesMy first example of linear notes does look extremely unappealing to me and when re-reading this example my eyes kept focusing on my doodling! This is a shame because since making these notes I have referred back to them many times as the information has been very useful.Despite their usefulness, because I do refer back to them quite regularly, the full sentences mean I have to read through tediously to find the information I want. Perhaps this would not be the case if I had used keywords and madecertain points stand out.The Cornell MethodUses a large (A4) sheet of paper with a margin down one side which is large enough to clearly write down key ideas or words on later reviewing your notes taken on the right-hand side. This method is recommended for revising and reinforcing the main points that have been covered in a lesson or lecture,Evaluation of Cornell Method ExampleThe Cornell method was very useful to me because I usually forget the main points of the lecture, so the Cornell method summarises the whole lesson In the...

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