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Cornell strategy note taking system, was developed by Dr Pauk of Cornell University, the Cornell strategy is an excellent study system for organizing and reviewing lecture notes to increase comprehension and critical thinking of course materials, which typically results in improved test scores.
Why I am using Cornell strategy:
I am using Cornell Method because It is an organized and systematic strategy for recording and reviewing lecture notes, easy formatting for pulling out major concept and ideas. It is simple and efficient, and saves time and effort

- Def of atomic radiation?

- State and describe 3 types of radiation?

- What is the above phenomenon called?

- Mention 2 elements that can be isolated from the pitchblende and one uses of any of them?

- What is the economic importance of radiation?

- Give detailed description of the evolvement of Atomic change?

- Def. Nuclear fission?

- Give details of First Albert Einstein paper?

- Explain classical analysis of the fusion process as stipulated by Bohr and Wheeler?

- Between U-235 and U-238, which one contains more natural uranium, and how can the 2 be separated to obtain pure U-235?

- What is ‘Nuclear enrichment’?

- Briefly explain atomic bomb concept?

- Highlight the content of Frisch – Peirel’s Memorandum?

- Describe the 2 important developments from Cambridge work?

Do slow neutrons have an advantage over fast neutrons?

- What is the final outcome of MAUD committee report?

- What role did Winston Churchill play in the atomic bomb development?

- Notable date: 7 Dec 1941

- Highlight the three enrichment processes pursued by the Americans in developing Atomic bomb?

- America built first atomic bomb.

- The soviet Bomb

- Describe peaceful Initiative of nuclear energy?

- Explain “Atoms for peace” program initiated in 1953 by President Eisenhower?

- From late 1970s – 2002, nuclear power industries suffered setback. Yes or No?, give reason for your answer

- What are the factors that contributed to the revival of nuclear power?
Def: Atomic radiation is a high energy radiation capable of producing ionization in substances through which it passes.

Ionization radiation: it was discovered by Wilhem Rontgen in 1895, by passing an electric current through an evacuated tube, hence produces X-ray.
Beta radiation(electrons) and alpha particles(helium nuclei) : It was discovered by Henri Becquerel in 1896, when he found an ore containing radium and uranium which causes photographic plate to darken caused by electron and helium which nuclei being emitted.
Gamma Rays: It was discovered by Villard from an ore containing radium and uranium which have the same properties as X-ray.

In 1896 Pierre and Marie Curie called this...

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