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Student’s textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers for several reasons. Initially notebook computers will sum up to be the cheaper choice to make. Subsequently another major factor is the fact that anything online does not have to be printed which means that a lot of trees will not be cut down meaning that a lot of waste will not be created. Furthermore a notebook computer is much easier to be taught and to learn from. Replacing the traditional textbooks with notebook computers will allow it to take the spot of the traditional textbook, letting it to be known that technology is the future.
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” (Pecorino The Online Textbook) Making it evident that schools can actually provide textbooks free online but charge for the hard copy, making the better and cost-efficient choice obvious. In conclusion it is true that nowadays everything online is cheaper than to have it in an actual hard copy, especially textbooks.
The use of online textbooks is environmentally friendly and does not cost as much as making textbooks/books. It is proven that “Publishers can create a CD of their textbooks and at a greatly reduced price because there is no need for paper, printing and binding.” (Pecorino The Online Textbook) The cost of making textbooks is very costly, but by changing the method of printing to publishing them online as an online textbook or a CD will benefit the publishers in the end. In addition to “The printing process begins with ordering paper. Then book blocks are created, which are the actual pages of the textbook. The cover of the textbook is also printed. The papers are then folded and bound, or stitched, folded, trimmed and bound.” The process of making textbooks is a very long and complicated method. Partially manmade, but why should so much labor be done when there can be CDs made and links posted online. Thus “The new study finds that e-readers could have a major impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on the publishing industry, one of the world’s most polluting sectors,” (Hutsko Are E-Readers Greener Than Books?) This validates the belief that the use of online textbooks will reduce the amount of pollution created and will be more environmentally friendly. In the end notebook computers are resulting in many benefits to the environment and to several publishing companies.
Notebook computers are also presented better and easier to understand for both teachers and students when compared to the traditional textbook. Frankly “Computer literacy, which can be important in the job world, becomes second nature to students who have constant access to a computer.” (http://portfolio.educ.kent) Which supports the idea that one day everything will be digital and online textbooks are a small step preparing students for the near future. Alongside the fact that “Concepts are easier to grasp when presented in a multimedia way.” (http://portfolio.educ.kent) Everything...

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