Notebook For All Techniques, Hak Dari Sohn Hapkido. Suggestion For New Category, "Martial Arts"

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Hapkido NotebookSam SmithLast Update: Thursday, March 25, 2004Table of ContentsGlossaryOutside WristsInside WristsClothingFoundationsDefense vs. Straight Kick & PunchW/StrikeW/KickFoundations vs. Kick and PunchHard BlocksSoft BlocksShort Stick TechniquesTwo-Hand FrontOne-Step SparringDouble KicksJudoTwo-Hand High, Low, BackJump KicksStraight Kick & Punch With CounterPressure PointsKnife OffenseCane TechniquesChokesGround DefenseKnife DefenseElement Theories & Legal Justification for Use of ForceGlossaryGM/Good-Morning Grab - A technique applied to wrist or hand with downward force to cause pain in the Ulnar Nerve bundle.Hammerlock - A control technique in which the opponent's hand is placed between his shoulder blades so that his arm is wrapped up.7S: Seven-Step - A foot technique to start a full-body pivot. One foot's heel is brought to the toes of the other foot, making a rough "Seven". Usually is followed up by the foot stepping through.Outside WristsSet 11.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying your elbow on theirs.2.Look at your palm. Reach across, Trap underneath. Rotate top hand and grab outside, twisting and breaking wrist.3.Rotate hand underneath, Reach across, Trap. Pointing fingers, apply pressure downward.4.Web hand outward and grab upwards. Step under, grabbing elbow. Bring hand up in Hammerlock, slap elbow to dislocate shoulder.5.7S, Break and grab. Step through, breaking arm at elbow, grab belt and hip throw.6.Web hand outward, step behind and sweep.7.7S, Break and grab. Step through and pump-break arm over shoulder at elbow.8.7S, Break and grab. Grab opponent's elbow, step through, spin around, and bring their elbow near their ear.9.Raise hand up, Reach around shoulder to nerve. Sweep kick to opponent's leg.10.7S, Break and grab. Step through, elbowing opponent in the face, then reaching under and making a figure-four elbow lock.Set 21.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying elbow across theirs, side kick to knee.2.Look at your palm. Reach across, Trap underneath. Rotate top hand, pressing down on opponent's thumb. Break wrist.3.Look at your palm, Reach across, Trap underneath. Roll hand out and under opponent's hand, pressing forward and jamming wrist.4.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, lying back on their arm.5.Reach across, Trap. Place thumb on opponent's thumb; rotate into GM grab, laying back on their arm and dropping.6.Look at your palm, Reach across, Trap underneath. Roll hand down and press backwards against opponent's palm.7.Fireman's Carry: Reverse grip, duck under opponent's arm. Hook their leg and lift them up onto your shoulders.Set 31.Good morning, crescent over head, sweep under and break arm between legs.2.Roll up, trap, brace against chest, reach to opponent's shoulder, pull in and break wrist.3.7S, break, jam elbow4.Roll out, trap, step back and snap-kick to elbow.5.7S, break,...

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