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Noted Before Essay

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Beardedness in Advertising: Effects of endorsers’ credibility and purchase intention
Gianluigi Guido, Alessandro M. Peluso, and Valentina Moffa (2011)
Guido, Peluso, and Moffa (2011) suggested that endorsers depicted in ads with facial hair in relation with a certain brand name product would be judge as more credible by consumers, but only if the qualities brought out of the endorsers by their facial hair agree with the qualities associated with the product being depicted.
Further, Guido et al., suggested consumers could be influence to purchase the product being advertised as a result of the endorsers’ perceive credibility.
Guido et al., created and presented full size advertisement ...view middle of the document...

Ann Reed and Elizabeth M. Blunk (1990)
The effects of facial hair have been examined in the business world. For instance, Reed and Blunk (1990) conducted a study using sketches of male job applicants to find out how male and female managers at different companies would judge clean shave, mustached, or bearded male applicants. Reed and Blunk found that male job applicants with either a beard or a mustache were ranked higher on social and physical attractiveness than clean shaven job applicants. In addition, the gender or age of the respondents did not influence their perceptions of the job applicant. Next, male job applicants with either a beard or mustached were judge more positively on personality than clean shaven job applicants. Furthermore, the age and gender of the respondents did not affect their ratings towards the job applicant. Also, job applicants with a beard were ranked higher on competency than either mustached or clean shaven men. For competency ratings the age of the respondent did not influence their ratings but the gender of the respondents did play a role. That is, female respondents ranked the sketches higher than male respondents. Lastly, job applicants with a beard were judge on composure higher than mustached or clean shaven job applicants.

Beards augment perceptions of men’s age, social status, and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness
Author(s): Dixson and Vasey (2012)
Other studies have investigated how participants from different cultures perceived faces with either facial hair or no facial hair. For instance, Dixson and Vasey (2012) conducted four studies to show how men and women from either Independent Samoa or New Zealand judged male faces with facial hair along with a neutral, smiling, or angry facial expression. Dixson and Vasey (2012) found that both European and Samoan men and women ranked faces with facial hair together with a neutral pose as higher in social status and as older. Also, men and women with facial hair together with an angry pose as more aggressive. On the other hand, women perceived clean shaven faces together with a smiling pose as more attractive.

The role of facial hair in women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness, health, masculinity, and parenting abilities
Dixson and Brooks (2013)

Dixson and Brooks (2013) conducted an online study to investigate the effects of different levels of facial hair on the perceptions of both female and male participants. Dixson and Brooks asked both female and male participants to judge photographs that depicted male faces with variation of facial hair including clean shaven, lightly stubbled, heavily stubbled, and fully bearded for attractiveness, healthiness, masculinity, and parenting abilities. Dixson and Brooks found that

Effects of cranial and facial hair on perception of age and person
Author(s) Wogalter and Hosie
Wogalter and Hosie had participants view different pictures that showed a male with a combination of facial hair and cranial...

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