Notes On The Events And Relationships Between Countries Leading Upto Ww1 And Some Of The Military Plans Put Into Action.

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Modern History NotesOtto Von Bismarck· Bismarck Unified Germany· Bismarck was a nationalist· Germany of WW1 is Bismarckian· Bismackian Germany excluded Austria-Hungary after 7 week war· Bismarck formed an alliance with Austria-Hungary· Bismarck excluded it because it carried too much non-German nationalist baggage 'is that' the Hungarian empire consisted of about one dozen different nationalities and cultures· Bismarckian Germany was exclusive (monoculture) because he was a Junker (aristocrat) and did not trust the masses of ordinary people· Bismarck by 1880's feared France and the spread of socialism in Germany (Paris Commune)· Germany could only be unified by "blood and iron"· Bismarck's blood and iron approach meant that Germany was always prepared for war, and was twitchy about her boarders. (Especially in France)· Bismarck believed that military solutions could justify the ends, that is, warfare leads to national unity; fear of the outsiders created a political fear, that the nation-state as threatened.PrussiaHad a well trained army, the government sent a lot of money on the army which meant its equipment was modern and well maintained. The government under Bismarck created a culture of militarism and discipline in Germany.Germany-France relationshipBismarck's blood and iron approach meant that Germany was always prepared for war, and was twitchy about her boarders. (Especially in France)France was provoked into a war with Germany over their rivalry for the disputed lands around the Rhine river area, that is, Alsace-Lorraine and southern German states that bordered on France.Bismarck feared that France might gain a foothold in Southern Germany, that is, Bavaria. This was plausible to him because France and Southern German states were catholic, that is, they owed allegiance to the pope (central Italy). The pope at this time was a powerful military figure.The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 broke out over this dispute. Prussian General Von Maltke attacked swiftly and surrounded Paris. It looked like another brief, successful war like that of 1866, against Austria-Hungary (the 7 Weeks War). But the Parisians dug in and the siege of Paris lasted about a year.The Parisians formed a government called the 'Paris Commune' which organised the first socialist/communist government. Goods and food and Fuel were shared equally in the basis of need not greed. This meant Paris could hold out for longer even if it had to eventually give in. This embarrassed Bismarck and the Prussian Army.The French were forced into signing a treaty called the treaty of Versailles, which made the French say that they were the cause of the France Prussian war.The Paris CommuneThe Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 broke out over this dispute. Prussian General Von Maltke attacked swiftly and surrounded Paris. It looked like...

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